Zain Asher CNN, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Brother, Salary, Net Worth

Zain Asher's Photo
Zain Asher's Photo

Zain Asher Bio|Wiki

Zain Asher(Zain Ejiofor Asher) is a British Nigerian news anchor at CNN International based in New York City. Currently, she anchors the global news show One World with Zain Asher which is aired at noon ET on weekdays. In April 2022, Zain’s memoir “Where The Children Take Us” was published by HarperCollins.

Zain Asher Age

She was born on August 27, 1983, in Balham, London Borough of Wandsworth, England. Zain is 39 years old.

Zain Asher Family

She was born to Nigerian parents in London and was brought up in West Norwood, South London. Zain’s mother is Obiajulu and was a pharmacist working in Brixton. Moreover, her father Arinze was a doctor and he died in 1988 when she was five years old. He was killed in a tragic car accident during a road trip in Nigeria.

Zain has an older brother, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor a sister Kandi who is a GP doctor. Chiwetel was in the car that killed their father and was the sole survivor. However, Ejiofor was badly injured and received scars that are still visible on his forehead. Over and above that, Zain is of Igbo descent and her family is originally from Enugu state, Nigeria.

Zain Asher Brother

Chiwetel Ejiofor is the older brother to Zain. He is a British actor and has won various accolades, including a BAFTA Award, a Laurence Olivier Award, an NAACP Image Award, 2 Primetime Emmy Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 5 Golden Globe Awards,  and nominations for an Academy Award.

In addition, Chiwetel is 45 years old and was born on 10 July 1977 in Forest Gate, east London. Chiwetel started acting at his junior school, Dulwich Prep London in school plays, he played the gravedigger in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Even at his senior school, Dulwich College, Chiwetel continued acting and joined the National Youth Theatre. He got into the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, however, he left after his first year after being cast in Steven Spielberg’s film Amistad. In September 1995, Chiwetel played the title role in Othello at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Additionally, he starred opposite Rachael Stirling as Desdemona at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, in 1996.

Zain Asher Education

She attended and graduated in 2005 from Oxford University with a degree in French and Spanish. In 2006, Zain attended the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, in New York City.  Moreover, she earned an MS from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2006. Over and above that, Zain was named an honorary fellow of Keble College, Oxford University in 2021.

Zain Asher Cnn|One World With Zain Asher

Zain is an anchor for CNN International based in New York. She anchors the new global news program, One World with Zain Asher, on weekdays at noon ET on CNN International. Additionally, she hosts Marketplace Africa, CNN International’s weekly business show. The show is about the continent and its place within global markets and often interviews world leaders for the program as well as CEOs.

Throughout her career, Asher has anchored key breaking news and business stories for CNN such as the US-China trade war, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the August 2020 explosion in Beirut. Moreover, she also covered anti-police violence protests in Nigeria,  the deaths of both Fidel Castro and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, racial and economic inequality in America as well as the 2013 terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.

In addition, Asher was part of a CNN team in 2014 who were sent to Nigeria to report on the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls by Boko Haram militants in Chibok, Nigeria. Notably, the coverage of the horrific abduction by CNN won a prestigious 2014 Peabody Award.

Before being promoted to CNN International correspondent, she worked as a CNN business correspondent. There, she covered the stock market from the New York Stock Exchange, high-profile IPOs, and U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policy. Before joining CNN, Asher worked for MONEY magazine. While there, she covered careers and investing. Over and above that, before joining MONEY magazine, Asher was a general assignment reporter for News 12 in the greater New York area.

Zain’s colleagues at CNN include:

Brianna Keilar – anchor

Mary Katharine Ham Political correspondent

Robyn Curnow – news anchor, correspondent, and write

Kara Scannell – correspondent

Erin Burnett – news anchor

Susan Hendricks – fill-in anchor

Julia Chatterley – anchor and correspondent

Becky Anderson – anchor, host $ managing editor

Lynda Kinkade – anchor and correspondent

Brianna Keilar – anchor

Sara Murray – political correspondent

Nina Dos Santos – news anchor and correspondent

Larry Madowo – international correspondent

Erica Hill – fill-in anchor and national correspondent

Rosemary Church – international news anchor

Zain Asher Book|Memoir

On 26 April 2022,  Zain’s Memoir “Where The Children Take Us” was released by HarperCollins. Moreover, the book was inspired by her 2015 Tedx talk Trust Your Struggle. Magnificently,  the book has been viewed 2.2 million times on YouTube as of 2022.

Zain Asher Wedding

She is married to her husband Steve Peoples. Zain and her husband both work in the media industry. Her husband is a political reporter working for The Associated Press. Zain and her husband, Steve, got engaged in April 2016, and they later exchanged their vows at the down-low ceremony on September 30, 2017.

Zain Asher Height

She is a woman of above-average stature and stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in (1.78 m). Additionally, Zain weighs 57 kg (125.67 lbs) and her body measurement is 32, 29, and 32.

Zain Asher Husband

She is married to her husband Steve Peoples. Zain and her husband both work in the media industry. In addition, her husband is a political reporter working for The Associated Press. Zain and her husband, Steve, got engaged in April 2016, and they later exchanged their vows at the down-low ceremony on September 30, 2017.

Zain Asher Salary|Net Worth

She is an anchor for CNN International based in New York. Zain receives her salary working as an anchor for CNN, the new global news program, One World with Zain Asher, on weekdays. Zain earns a salary of $324,670 annually. Additionally, Asher has a net worth of $3.2 million.

Who Is Zain Asher

Her full name is Zain Ejiofor Asher is a news anchor at CNN International based in New York City. Additionally,  Zain is fluent in French, Spanish, and Igbo (her native Nigerian dialect). At CNN, she anchors the global news show One World with Zain Asher on weekdays. Zain is, indeed, married and her husband is known as Steve Peoples.

Zain Asher Twitter


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