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Falicia Woodys' Photo
Falicia Woodys' Photo

Falicia Woody Bio|Wiki

Falicia Woody is an American meteorologist on KDKA-TV Channel 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, part of the First Alert Weather Team. She previously worked as a meteorologist at WKBN-TV in Youngstown, Ohio. Woody joined the KDKA First Alert Weather Team in March 2022 and is thrilled to be pursuing her dream job in Pittsburgh, where she and her husband plan to establish their lives.

During her time at KDKA, Woody serves as a meteorologist, weather graphics producer, and weather/environmental/lifestyle reporter. She fills in for all shifts and participates in team coverage during severe weather events. In March 2023, she played a role in redesigning all weather graphics to align with CBS’s new look, using WSI TruVu Max. Woody is also responsible for setting up the KDKA Mobile Weather Lab for live weather reports across Western PA. She is actively engaged in community service and impactful storytelling, representing Pittsburgh’s AAPI community.

Previously, Woody worked as a part-time meteorologist at WKBN-TV. Her responsibilities included delivering weather forecasts to the Mahoning/Shenango Valleys on weekends and creating weather graphics using Baron Lynx. She also recorded radio hits for iHeartRadio stations in the Youngstown area and taught weather lessons in a weekly online segment called “Weather for Kids,” incorporating easy-to-understand graphics.

Falicia Woody Age

Woody, who was born on August 18, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, is currently 28 years old.

Falicia Woody Parents

Falicia Wood was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Woody’s life has been characterized by a multitude of experiences in various locations throughout the country. Remarkably, Pennsylvania marks the eighth state she has resided in over the years.

Despite her widespread presence, specific details regarding her parents or siblings remain undisclosed at present. We encourage you to stay vigilant and stay connected for any future updates on the development of information concerning Falicia’s family. Rest assured, we will promptly provide any pertinent information as it becomes available.

Falicia Woody Mother

Falicia Woody, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, proudly carries American citizenship. Regrettably, the public sphere currently lacks any information pertaining to her parents, siblings, or other relatives. Consequently, details about her immediate family and extended lineage remain undisclosed to the public at this time.

Falicia Woody Education

Falicia Woody completed her education at Lyndon State College in Vermont (now known as Northern Vermont University-Lyndon) in May 2016. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences and an Associate’s degree in Electronic Journalism Arts.

During her time at Lyndon State College, she engaged in various activities and societies, such as serving as the SGA/Club Representative for AMS/NWA, being a member of the Sigma Zeta Mathematical and Scientific Honor Society, holding the position of Secretary/Treasurer of LSC’s Dance Team, participating in the Society of Professional Journalists, and joining the Twilight Players, LSC’s Drama Club.

Additionally, Falicia accomplished an Associates of Science in Electronic Journalism Arts and conducted a senior thesis on Hurricane Flooding Risk Communication. Throughout her academic journey, she achieved the distinction of being a Dean’s List recipient for five semesters spanning four years.

Falicia Woody Kdka|Meteorologist

Falicia Woody joined the KDKA First Alert Weather Team in March 2022, marking the realization of her dream job in Pittsburgh, where she plans to build her life with her husband. Having lived in eight different states, Pennsylvania is her current location.

Her meteorology career began in 2017, and she has since worked as a meteorologist for various stations. She spent over a year in Youngstown, Ohio, forecasting the weather for WKBN, and prior to that, she was in Waco, Texas, predicting the ever-changing weather for Central Texas at KXXV. Her love for Pittsburgh grew during her first job as a meteorologist at WTRF in Wheeling, West Virginia.

During her time at Lyndon State College, Falicia gained valuable experience working at the Vermont Center for Community Journalism (VCCJ-News 7), a student-run news station that reaches the Northeast Kingdom. She also served as a Lead Weather Forecaster for the Vermont Department of Transportation. Additionally, she enhanced her skills through summer internships at WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, and KOB-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Falicia’s interest in weather sparked in 2004 when she experienced a tornado warning during Hurricane Ivan. This event inspired her to conduct research on hurricane flooding risk communication for her senior thesis. Outside of her professional commitments, Falicia enjoys going on long walks with her dog, Bonnie, exploring new places, and indulging in the local cuisine.

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Falicia Woody Wkbn

Falicia Woody worked part-time as a meteorologist at WKBN-TV, providing regular weather forecasts to the Mahoning/Shenango Valleys on weekends and creating captivating weather graphics using Baron Lynx. She also recorded radio hits for iHeartRadio in Youngstown and taught weather lessons through the online segment “Weather for Kids.”

Previously, Falicia served as a meteorologist at KXXV in Waco, Texas, delivering weather forecasts to households and streaming devices across Central Texas. She effectively communicated life-threatening dangers, utilized social media platforms, interpreted weather data, and created visually appealing graphics using the TruVu Max system.

Falicia Woody Nationality

Falicia Woody, an accomplished meteorologist, proudly holds American nationality. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the field of meteorology. With her expertise and passion for weather forecasting, Falicia has made significant contributions to the understanding and dissemination of weather information.

As an American citizen, she has dedicated her career to providing accurate and valuable weather forecasts to the public, helping communities stay informed and prepared for various weather conditions. Through her work, Falicia exemplifies the commitment and professionalism of American meteorologists in delivering crucial information to ensure the safety and well-being of fellow citizens.

Falicia Woody Height

Falicia Woody, a woman of impressive stature, stands tall at approximately 5 feet and 8 inches. Her commanding presence as a meteorologist is further accentuated by her height, allowing her to confidently engage with audiences and deliver weather information with authority. With her impressive height of approximately 5’8″, Falicia Woody effortlessly captivates and establishes herself as a trusted source of weather forecasts.

Falicia Woody Husband|Married

Falicia and her beloved husband, Colton, joyfully exchanged vows, symbolizing the start of their married life in 2020. Their wedding ceremony, graced by the presence of close friends, took place in June of that year. Now united in matrimony, Falicia and Colton forge ahead on their journey, nurturing a strong and supportive partnership.

They deeply value each milestone they accomplish and cherish the precious memories they create along their shared path. It’s worth mentioning that Colton embarked on his career in Pittsburgh, where they often delighted in the company of friends and attended thrilling Pirates games at PNC Park.

Falicia Woody Salary|Net Worth

Falicia Woody, a proficient meteorologist, presently holds the esteemed position of meteorologist at KDKA-TV, stationed in the captivating city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Numerous credible sources affirm that she commands an impressive annual salary, averaging at $201,529. Furthermore, her hard work and dedication have translated into a commendable net worth, estimated to be a noteworthy $1.1 million. It is evident that Falicia’s exceptional skills in her field, coupled with her relentless efforts, have rewarded her with both financial stability and professional success.

Is Falicia Woody Married

Falicia Woody joyfully entered into matrimony with her beloved husband, Colton, in a heartfelt ceremony held in June 2020. They recently commemorated their first anniversary on June 26, 2021, marking the completion of one blissful year together.

As time swiftly moves forward, Falicia is now approaching the celebration of her third anniversary on June 26, 2023. These past two years have been filled with love, growth, and cherished moments, solidifying the foundation of their enduring union. With each passing year, Falicia and Colton continue to strengthen their bond, eagerly anticipating the future milestones and joyous memories that lie ahead.

How Old Is Falicia Woody

Falicia was born on August 18, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia. Therefore, she will be turning 32 years old on August 2023.

Where Is Falicia Woody From

Falicia Woody, currently a dedicated meteorologist, finds her professional home at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been with the station since March 2022, accumulating valuable experience and expertise over the course of one year and four months.

At KDKA-TV, Falicia fulfills multiple roles, including meteorologist, weather graphics producer, and weather/environmental/lifestyle reporter. Her versatility shines as she willingly takes on fill-in shifts and actively participates in team coverage during severe and impactful weather conditions.

Notably, she played a significant role in the redesign of all weather graphics, using WSI TruVu Max to align with CBS’s new look in March 2023. Additionally, she takes charge of setting up the KDKA Mobile Weather Lab for live weather reports across Western PA. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Falicia actively represents and serves Pittsburgh’s AAPI community through meaningful community service and impactful storytelling.

Who Is Falicia Woody On Kdka

Falicia Woody is a highly esteemed meteorologist, currently making her impactful presence felt on the KDKA First Alert Weather Team at KDKA-TV Channel 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her journey with the team commenced in March 2022. There, she seamlessly integrates her expertise into delivering accurate and reliable weather forecasts.

Although originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Falicia’s career has taken her on an exciting journey to various locations across the country. Remarkably, Pennsylvania marks the eighth state she has called home, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to her profession. With her vast experience and dedication, Falicia continues to shine as a trusted meteorologist, providing valuable insights to the viewers of KDKA.

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