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Guy Benson Bio|Wiki

Guy Benson is a well-known American columnist, commentator, and political pundit, who is highly regarded for his insights and opinions on conservative politics and current events. He has made a name for himself as a contributor at Fox News, a conservative talk radio host, and the political editor of

In 2017, Benson joined Fox News as a contributor, and he currently co-hosts the Fox News Radio program “The Guy Benson Show,” which airs weekdays from 3-6 pm ET. He is openly gay and has been an advocate for LGBT rights.

Benson’s passion for politics and public service led him to work as a Fellow at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. During his time there, he gained valuable experience and insights into the inner workings of the political system, which have helped to shape his views and perspectives on political issues.

In addition to his work in the media and politics, Benson is also an accomplished author. He co-authored the book “End of Discussion” in 2015, which is an updated edition that was published by Random House in 2017. The book offers a thought-provoking analysis of free speech, political correctness, and the state of public discourse in America today.

Benson’s expertise and insights have earned him a prominent place in the media landscape. He is a familiar voice across numerous media outlets and regularly contributes to NPR’s All Things Considered. He has also been recognized for his accomplishments, being named to Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” law & policy list and being included on HuffPo’s “25 top millennial broadcasters in American news and politics” roster.

Guy Benson Age

He was born Guy Pelham Benson on March 7, 1985, in Saudi Arabia. Benson is 37 years old.

Guy Benson Parents|Father

Guy Benson was born to his parents while they were living in Saudi Arabia. Later, his family moved to the United States when he was still young, and he was raised in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Benson has always been close to his family, and his parents have been supportive of his career and personal choices.

In addition to his parents, Benson has a brother named James Benson who is a director, actor, and writer. The two brothers share a close bond, and James has been supportive of Guy’s career in the media and politics.

Benson’s upbringing and family background have played a significant role in shaping his values and perspectives on life. He has always been proud of his family and their support, and he continues to be an influential and respected voice in the world of conservative media and political commentary.

Guy Benson Education

He attended middle school and Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, New Jersey. While in high school, Benson was known for broadcasting sports on local television. Furthermore, he graduated with honors from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 2007. Notably, while working toward his bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University, Benson worked for the campus radio station, WNUR. He broadcasted sporting events and also hosted a political talk show.

Additionally, Benson interned at Fox News. There he worked primarily with Hannity and Colmes. He also assisted the channel with its coverage of the 2004 Republican National Convention. Moreover, Benson interned at the White House and also reported for an NPR station in South Florida. At NPR, Benson broadcasted summer baseball games in the Cape Cod Baseball League

Benson won the College Republican National Committee’s biannual Lee Atwater ′Outstanding Young Conservative award′ in 2017. In addition, he served as a Media Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Guy Benson Townhall. Com|Fox News

Benson is currently the Political Editor of and a Fox News Contributor. Previously, Benson wrote at Andrew Breitbart’s “Big” sites and National Review Online’s Media Blog. He became the political editor at in 2010. There his columns had been published since February 2008.

Additionally, Benson serves as a regular guest and substitute host on The Hugh Hewitt Show. He is also a regular contributor at CNBC. Notably, Benson together with co-author Mary Katharine Ham published his first non-fiction book in 2015,  End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun). The book is a critique of political correctness in politics, media, and culture from the point of view of two Millennial conservatives.

Benson discovered a video from a 2007 reunion of the Weathermen in April 2008. It’s a radical left-wing group from the 1960s and 70s.  In addition, the footage included quotes from 2 members, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, defending their actions.

Additionally, the clips made national news, from the Boston Globe to Fox News. This was a result of Barack Obama being criticized during the 2008 presidential campaign for associating with Ayers and Dohrn.

During the 2008 presidential race, Benson garnered national attention on 2 other occasions. In August 2008, Benson who was in the studio during the interview and detailed his experience after the Obama campaign attacked WGN radio in Chicago for allowing Stanley Kurtz to appear on their station. In addition, Benson joined with Mary Katharine Ham and Ed Morrissey to pen, The Comprehensive Argument Against Barack Obama, released on Hot Air, two weeks before Election Day.

Guy’s colleagues at Fox News

David Spunt – correspondent

Julie Banderas – news anchor

Brian Kilmeade – anchor and host

Lawrence Jones – political commentator and contributor

Shannon Bream – anchor

Raymond Arroyo – contributor

Rick Reichmuth – chief meteorologist

Harris Faulkner – anchor

Sophia Minnaert-reporter

Guy Benson Show|Podcast

The Guy Benson Show is a daily political talk radio program that airs on Fox News Radio. Hosted by Guy Benson, the show covers a wide range of political topics and features interviews with guests from across the political spectrum.

The show airs weekdays from 3-6pm Eastern Time and is available for live streaming on the Fox News Radio website, as well as on various podcast platforms.

One of the hallmarks of The Guy Benson Show is its commitment to civil, reasoned discourse. Benson often invites guests with opposing viewpoints to appear on the show and engages in respectful, substantive debate with them.

In addition to political news and analysis, The Guy Benson Show features regular segments on pop culture, sports, and other topics of interest. Benson also takes calls from listeners, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions on the issues of the day.

Benson brings a unique perspective to his role as host of The Guy Benson Show. As an openly gay conservative, he offers a perspective that is often underrepresented in the mainstream media. He has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and has written extensively on the topic.

The Guy Benson Show has been praised for its thoughtful, nuanced approach to political discourse. Benson has been called a “voice of reason” in an increasingly polarized media landscape and has been recognized for his commitment to respectful, civil debate.

Overall, The Guy Benson Show is a must-listen for anyone interested in politics and current events. With its engaging host, wide range of guests, and commitment to civil discourse, it is a refreshing and informative addition to the world of political talk radio.

Guy Benson Book|Collection

Guy Benson is a well-known American political commentator, author, and radio host. In 2015, Benson co-authored the book “End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun),” which was published by Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The book provides an analysis of the current state of political discourse in America, arguing that the left’s tactics of intimidation, censorship, and silencing of opposing views are detrimental to the country’s democratic process.

The book was well-received and became a New York Times bestseller. An updated edition of the book was published by Random House in 2017, which included a new preface and additional content addressing the changing political landscape in America.

Benson is also a frequent guest on the nationally-syndicated Hugh Hewitt radio show, where he regularly guest hosts and provides political analysis. In addition, Benson is a contributor to NPR’s “All Things Considered,” where he offers insights on various political issues.

Benson’s political commentary and speaking engagements have garnered recognition from various publications. He was named to Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 law & policy list in 2015 and was included by The Huffington Post in a roster of the 25 top millennial broadcasters in American news and politics in 2017. The same year, Benson won the College Republican National Committee’s biannual Lee Atwater Outstanding Young Conservative award.

Aside from his political work, Benson is an avid sports fan and has covered Big Ten college athletics and Cape Cod League baseball during his on-air career. He has also made appearances on ESPN and MLB Network, discussing sports-related issues and providing analysis.

In summary, Benson’s work as an author, radio host, and political commentator has earned him a place as a respected voice in American political discourse. His book “End of Discussion” is a must-read for anyone interested in the current state of political discourse in America.

Guy Benson Height

He is a man of above-average in stature and stands at a height of 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m). Benson weighs around 70 kg(154.324 lbs). In addition, his hair color is brown, and has dark brown eyes.

Guy Benson Spouse

Guy Benson is an openly gay American political commentator and author. In May 2015, he publicly came out as gay in advance of the release of his book “End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun).” The book included a footnote where Benson revealed his sexual orientation, writing, “Guy here. So, I’m gay.”

Benson has been in a committed relationship with his partner Adam Wise, and the couple married in September 2019. They currently reside together in the Washington, DC area.

Benson’s decision to come out publicly as gay was a significant moment for him personally, as well as a milestone for the representation of LGBT individuals in the conservative political sphere. His openness about his sexuality has helped to promote greater acceptance and understanding of the LGBT community among conservative audiences, and has inspired other individuals to come out and live their lives authentically.

Overall, Benson’s marriage to Adam Wise and his openness about his sexuality serve as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of society, including politics and media.

Guy Benson Salary|Net Worth

Guy Benson is a prominent American political commentator, author, and radio host who has achieved success in several different media outlets. He is the Political Editor of, a conservative news and commentary website, and a contributor to Fox News. Benson also hosts his own radio show, the nationally-syndicated Guy Benson Show, on Fox News Radio.

Given Benson’s extensive experience and high profile in the world of conservative media, it is safe to assume that he earns a satisfactory salary. However, specific information about his income is not publicly available. Benson’s income is likely to come from various sources, including his work as a commentator and author, as well as his role as a radio host.

In addition to his income, Benson has also accumulated a significant net worth over the years. While his exact net worth is not known, it is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Benson’s net worth is likely to come from a combination of his income as well as any investments or other financial assets he may have.

Overall, Benson’s successful career as a political commentator and radio host has likely resulted in a comfortable income and a solid net worth.

How Old Is Guy Benson

Benson is 37 years old and was born to his parents in 1985, in Saudi Arabia. He celebrates his birthday on the 7th of March every year with his partner, family, and close friends.

Who Is Benson

Benson is a 37-year-old American political commentator, author, and media personality. He is currently the Political Editor of, a conservative news and commentary website, and is also a contributor to Fox News. Benson is known for his insightful commentary on political and social issues, and he has gained a significant following for his incisive analysis and engaging style.

Benson was born in Saudi Arabia but raised in the United States, where he developed an interest in politics and current events from a young age. He studied political science at Northwestern University, where he was actively involved in student politics and served as the President of the College Republicans.

As an author, Benson has co-authored the book “End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun)” in 2015, which was later updated and published by Random House in 2017. The book explores the ways in which political correctness and outrage culture have stifled open dialogue and debate in modern society.

Benson is also notable for being openly gay and for his advocacy for LGBTQ rights. He came out publicly in 2015 and married his partner Adam Wise in 2019.

Overall, Benson is a respected commentator and author who has made significant contributions to the world of conservative media and political discourse.

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