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Sarah Kustok Bio|Wiki

Sarah Kustok is an American sports reporter who works for the YES Network and Fox Sports. She is best known for her work as the lead analyst for Brooklyn Nets games on YES Network, a position she has held since 2017. She is also a frequent contributor to Fox Sports’ NBA coverage.


Kustok is also a frequent contributor to Fox Sports’ NBA coverage. She has appeared on shows such as “First Things First,” “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” and “The Jump.” She is also a regular contributor to Fox Sports’ NBA podcasts. Previously she worked as a sideline analyst for the Brooklyn Nets games, marking a groundbreaking moment in sports broadcasting.

Previously, Sarah honed her skills as an analyst and sideline reporter for ESPN and Fox Sports, providing coverage for college football, basketball (both men’s and women’s), and high school football. Further showcasing her expertise, she served as a TV sideline reporter for various Chicago teams including the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, and Fire, collaborating with Comcast SportsNet Chicago. Demonstrating her versatility, she also took on the role of substitute anchor for WMAQ-TV and contributed as a sports anchor/reporter for WFLD-TV.

Awards and honors

  • 2018 NBA Sports Media Association’s Rising Star Award
  • 2019 New York Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding On-Air Talent: Play-by-Play or Analyst
  • 2020 New York Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding On-Air Talent: Play-by-Play or Analyst
  • 2021 New York Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding On-Air Talent: Play-by-Play or Analyst

Sarah Kustok Age

Sara Kustok was born on December 17, 1981, in Orland Park, Illinois. She is currently 42 years old.

Sarah Kustok Family

Sarah Kustok, born and raised in Orland Park, Illinois, enjoyed a nurturing childhood in a close-knit family. Her parents, Allan Kustok and Anita Kustok, provided a loving environment for Sarah and her older brother, Zak Kustok. Notably,  Zak is a businessman who formerly played quarterback for the Northwestern Wildcats football team.

The Kustok family thrived on mutual support and encouragement, with Allan and Anita nurturing their children’s passions. They were dedicated parents, guiding their children and instilling values. Tragically, Anita Kustok’s life was lost in a shocking incident at their home, disrupting their idyllic existence and resulting in Allan Kustok facing trial in 2010.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Sarah Kustok stood by her father, believing in his innocence. Despite her testimony, Allan was found guilty of first-degree murder and received a 60-year prison sentence, altering the Kustok family’s dynamics. Sarah and Zak, having endured profound loss, carry their family’s legacy while pursuing their own paths. Their resilience and commitment honor their parents’ memories.

Sarah Kustok Education

Sarah Kustok’s educational journey began at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois. During her years at this institution, she fully immersed herself in sports, particularly volleyball and basketball. Her active involvement in these activities allowed her to demonstrate her exceptional athletic prowess and skills to the school community.

After graduating from Carl Sandburg High School, Kustok proceeded to pursue higher education at DePaul University. She enrolled at DePaul and became a member of the esteemed Blue Demons women’s basketball team. Kustok’s passion for the sport continued to thrive as she contributed her skills and dedication to the team during her time at the university.

Sarah Kustok Nba

Sarah Kustok is the lead analyst for the Brooklyn Nets on the YES Network, making her the first female full-time analyst for an NBA team’s local TV broadcasts. She is also a frequent contributor to Fox Sports’ NBA coverage.

Kustok has been praised for her insightful analysis and her ability to connect with viewers. She is known for her knowledge of the game, her ability to break down complex plays, and her engaging personality. She is also a strong advocate for women in sports media.

Kustok is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she played basketball for the Wildcats. She began her career in sports broadcasting as an analyst and sideline reporter for ESPN and Fox Sports. She also worked as a TV sideline reporter for the Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox and Fire for Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

In 2017, Kustok was hired by the YES Network as the lead analyst for Brooklyn Nets games. She became the first female full-time analyst for an NBA team’s local TV broadcasts. She has since been praised for her work and has won several awards, including the 2018 NBA Sports Media Association’s Rising Star Award and the 2019, 2020, and 2021 New York Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding On-Air Talent: Play-by-Play or Analyst.

Sarah Kustok Yes Network

Sarah Kustok currently serving as the lead analyst for the Brooklyn Nets on the YES Network. She appears regularly on pre-game, post-game, and halftime shows, providing insightful commentary and analysis on sports events. She also participates in the live coverage of games, where she showcases her expertise in play-by-play commentary or color analysis. Her engaging style and ability to capture the essence of the game enhance the viewing experience for fans.

This groundbreaking role, which she began in 2017, made her the first female full-time analyst for an NBA team’s local TV broadcasts, paving the way for more women in the industry.

Before joining YES Network, Kustok honed her skills at ESPN and Fox Sports, covering various sports like college football, basketball (both men’s and women’s), and high school football. She also gained valuable experience as a TV sideline reporter for Chicago’s esteemed teams, including the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, and Fire.

Additionally, contributes to the production and hosting of studio shows, where she leads discussions, conducts interviews, and offers in-depth analysis on sports-related topics. Her charismatic personality and in-depth knowledge make her a favorite among viewers.


  • First female full-time analyst for an NBA team’s local TV broadcasts (2017)
  • NBA Sports Media Association’s Rising Star Award (2018)
  • Three consecutive New York Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding On-Air Talent: Play-by-Play or Analyst (2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Pioneer for women in sports broadcasting and a role model for aspiring sports analysts

Sarah Kustok Fox Sports

Sarah Kustok has a strong presence on Fox Sports, alongside her primary role as lead analyst for the Brooklyn Nets on YES Network. Here’s a breakdown of her contributions to Fox Sports:


Frequent contributor to NBA coverage: Sarah appears on various Fox Sports shows discussing the NBA, offering her expert analysis and insights. Some regular programs include:

First Things First: This morning show often features Sarah sharing her views on current NBA happenings, team performances, and player analysis.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd: Sarah adds her perspective to Colin Cowherd’s discussions on hot topics within the NBA, providing balance and different viewpoints.

The Jump: This NBA-focused show frequently welcomes Sarah for in-depth analyses of games, playoff races, and league-wide narratives.

Podcast contributor: Sarah lends her voice to several Fox Sports NBA podcasts, offering her expertise and engaging in discussions with other analysts and hosts.

At Fox Sports, Sarah is a sports analyst, focusing on a specific sport or league where she dissects games, players, and strategies to provide valuable insights. She also engages in panel discussions alongside other experts, former athletes, and journalists. Together, they offer diverse perspectives and engage in lively debates about the latest sports news, controversies, and upcoming events.

Additionally, Sarah also showcases her versatility as a journalist by producing feature reports. She interviews athletes, coaches, and other influential figures in the sports industry, delivering captivating stories that go beyond the game.


Matt Finn-national correspondent

Maria Bartiromo-news anchor

Alicia Acuna-Senior Correspondent

Jon Decker-Jon Decker

Ainsley Earhardt-co-host of the morning news show

Jesse Watters-Conservative political commentator

Sean Hannity-conservative political commentator

Sarah Kustok Wnba

Kustok’s impact in the sports world reaches beyond the NBA as she lends her expertise to the WNBA. As the color commentator for the Connecticut Sun’s home games, Kustok showcases her knowledge and passion for the sport. Her commentary provides fans with a deeper understanding of game strategies, performances, and dynamics.

As a color commentator, Kustok’s contributions go beyond mere observation. She offers expert insights for a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience. Her analysis enhances fans’ enjoyment and appreciation of WNBA games. Kustok’s dedication to top-notch commentary reflects her profound understanding and commitment to promoting the sport’s growth.

Sarah Kustok Brook Lopez

Sarah Kustok and Brook Lopez’s relationship in the NBA world is a fascinating one, marked by both professional admiration and personal friendship. Kustok, as the lead analyst for the Brooklyn Nets on YES Network, has become Lopez’s most vocal critic and champion, offering a unique perspective shaped by their intertwined careers.

On the one hand, Kustok holds Lopez to a high standard, dissecting his game with sharp analysis and expecting him to be a leader for the Nets. She doesn’t hesitate to point out his shortcomings, whether it’s his defensive lapses or occasional inconsistency. This critical approach has earned her respect from fans who appreciate her no-nonsense attitude and willingness to hold players accountable.

However, Kustok’s relationship with Lopez goes beyond mere analysis. Their personal connection adds another layer to their dynamic. They’ve known each other since Lopez’s breakout rookie season in 2008, when Kustok was a sideline reporter for Comcast SportsNet Chicago. This familiarity allows Kustok to offer insights into Lopez’s personality and work ethic, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the player beyond the box score.

Furthermore, Kustok has been a vocal supporter of Lopez, especially during his struggles with injuries and the changing landscape of the NBA. She has praised his resilience and adaptability, crediting him for evolving his game and remaining relevant in the league for over a decade. This unwavering support showcases a genuine respect and admiration that transcends their professional relationship.

Sarah Kustok Height|Weight

Sarah Kustok possesses an admirable physical presence, standing at an approximate height of 5 feet and 9 inches. As a Sports journalist and Analyst, her stature enhances her authoritative demeanor, enabling her to confidently interact with audiences and deliver sports information with conviction. With her impressive height of around 5’9″, Sarah Kustok effortlessly captures attention and solidifies her position as a reliable source in the field of Sports Broadcasting and Analysis.

Sarah Kustok Husband

Despite her widespread presence, specific details regarding her husband remain undisclosed at present. We encourage you to stay vigilant and stay connected for any future updates on the development of information concerning Sarah’s family. Rest assured, we will promptly provide any pertinent information as it becomes available.

 Sarah Kustok Salary|Net Worth

Sarah Kustok is a prominent American Sports journalist and Analyst for YES Network and Fox Sports. Moreover, according to numerous credible sources, she commands an impressive annual salary, averaging $201,529.

Furthermore, her hard work and dedication have resulted in a commendable net worth, estimated to be a noteworthy $2.5 million. Additionally, thanks to Sarah’s exceptional skills and relentless efforts, she has achieved not only financial stability but also remarkable professional success.

How Old Is Sarah Kustok

Sarah was born in 1981, in Orland Park, Illinois. Therefore, she is 42 years old, and her birthday falls on December 17th of every year and she celebrates it with close family friends and family.

Did Sarah Kustok Play Basketball

Kustok grew up in  Orland Park, Illinois, where she played high school volleyball and basketball. It is in high school that she found her basketball passion. Kustok’s natural talent for basketball was evident from the start. Her dedication and skills propelled her to excel, showcasing agility, precise ball handling, and impressive court vision. Her love for the sport grew with each game, refining her skills along the way.

In high school, Kustok led her team to victories with scoring, defense, and leadership. Her reflexes were lightning-quick, weaving through opponents effortlessly. Accurate shooting and clutch plays made her formidable. Orland Park nurtured her love for basketball and set the stage for her future success.

Where Did Sarah Kustok Go To College

After completing her high school education, she eagerly enrolled at DePaul University, a prestigious institution located in the heart of Chicago. Motivated by her love for learning and ambition to succeed in her chosen field, she made a thoughtful decision to pursue higher education at DePaul. Upon setting foot on the vibrant campus and immersing herself in the diverse community, she was immediately captivated. Transitioning into the next phase, she meticulously navigated through various fields, carefully selecting her major.

Dedicated professors, stimulating coursework, extracurriculars, research projects, debates, internships, and collaborations fueled her growth. Approaching graduation, she valued DePaul’s education and support. With a well-rounded education and passion for her field, she eagerly embraced the future, ready to make a meaningful impact.

Departing DePaul, grateful and accomplished, she embraced the university’s values of excellence, diversity, and social responsibility. The memories and lessons acquired would shape her lifelong pursuit of knowledge and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

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