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Hilary Duff Bio|Wiki

Hilary Erhard Duff is an American actress, singer, author, and businesswoman. She rose to fame as a teen idol in the early 2000s, capturing hearts with her portrayal of Lizzie McGuire in the Disney Channel series and subsequent movie. In recent years, Hilary has returned to television with roles in shows like “Younger” and “How I Met Your Father,” proving her acting prowess and ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Hilary began her artistic journey at a young age, taking acting, singing, and ballet classes alongside her older sister Haylie. This early exposure to the performing arts laid the foundation for her future success.

Hilary’s breakout role came in 2001 with the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire.” While “Lizzie McGuire” remains a defining part of Hilary’s career, she has continuously diversified her portfolio. She starred in numerous films like “A Cinderella Story,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” and “Raise Your Voice,” showcasing her comedic timing and dramatic range.

Hilary’s musical talent also shone brightly. Her debut album, “Metamorphosis,” went platinum, featuring hit singles like “So Yesterday” and “Come Clean.” Beyond acting and singing, Hilary has ventured into writing children’s books and launching her own fashion line. She has also embraced motherhood, welcoming three children with her current husband, Matt Koma.

Hilary has received numerous awards throughout her career, including seven Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and four Teen Choice Awards. She is a vocal advocate for children’s rights and has worked with organizations like UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Hilary Duff Age

She was born Hilary Erhard Duff on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas. She is 36 years old. Her ethnicity is Caucasian and her ancestry includes German, English, Irish, and Scottish roots. Hilary’s birth sign is Libra, as her birthday is September 28th.

Hilary Duff Family

She was born and raised by parents, Robert Erhard Duff and Susan Colleen Duff (née Cobb),  in Houston, Texas. Hilary’s father, Robert Erhard, is a businessman, owning and operating a chain of convenience stores. He remained in Texas to manage the family business when Hilary and her sister moved to California to pursue their artistic aspirations.

Additionally, Hilary’s mother, Susan Colleen, was initially a homemaker but transitioned into becoming a film and music producer. She played a crucial role in supporting Hilary and her sister’s artistic pursuits, even becoming Hilary’s manager at one point.

Hilary has an older sister, Haylie, who is also an actress and singer. They were both encouraged by their mother to pursue acting and singing from a young age, starting their careers together before branching out individually.

Both Hilary and Haylie attended dance classes and participated in local theater productions together before moving to California.

Their mother’s support and dedication to their careers were instrumental in their early success. Notably, Hilary and Haylie maintain a close relationship and have even collaborated on projects like the film “Material Girls.”

Hilary Duff And Sister

Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie have a close and supportive relationship, often described as best friends. Both Hilary and Haylie were born in Texas and encouraged by their mother to pursue their artistic interests.

They took acting, singing, and ballet classes together, even performing in local theater productions and the “Nutcracker” touring production. Haylie was one of Hilary’s biggest supporters during her rise to fame with “Lizzie McGuire” and other projects.

They’ve collaborated on several projects, including the films “Material Girls” and “The Perfect Man,” and even co-wrote a song for the Disneymania 2 album. In addition, they’ve both experienced success in their own right, but they’re always there to celebrate each other’s achievements.

They continue to support each other’s endeavors, with Haylie launching her own clothing line and Hilary starring in successful TV shows like “Younger” and “How I Met Your Father.”

Hilary Duff Education

Due to her acting career, Hilary was home-schooled from the age of eight. This allowed her to manage her acting schedule while receiving an education. While home-schooled, she continued to participate in extracurricular activities like dance and singing classes, maintaining a well-rounded development.

In 2005, at the age of 17, Hilary began taking classes at Harvard University’s Extension School. This program offers non-degree continuing education, allowing students to take individual courses without full-time enrollment.

Her decision to attend Harvard, although for non-degree classes, sparked some controversy amongst traditional students, but Hilary was adamant about pursuing her personal curiosity and intellectual enrichment. Additionally, she took classes in various subjects like environmental science, government, and sociology, reflecting her diverse interests.

Hilary Duff Now

Hilary Duff is involved in several exciting projects:


  • How I Met Your Father (2022-present): Hilary continues to lead the cast as Sophie in this Hulu spin-off of the beloved sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” telling her son the story of how she met his father. The series is currently in its second season and has been praised for its humor and heart.


While no official announcement has been made, Hilary has hinted at the possibility of new music in the future. She has been collaborating with various artists and songwriters, and fans are eagerly awaiting her return to the music scene.

Business Ventures:

  • “Little Duff” clothing line: Hilary launched this successful clothing line for children in 2014, featuring stylish and comfortable pieces inspired by her own experiences as a mother.
  • “Muse Jewelry” collection: Hilary collaborated with the jewelry brand “MeUndies” to create a collection of playful and empowering pieces, reflecting her personal style and values.
  • “Sparkle & Shine” line for Kohl’s: This partnership with Kohl’s features a collection of affordable and fun clothing and accessories for young girls, inspired by Hilary’s own love of fashion and creativity.

Hilary is a strong advocate for children’s rights and well-being. She has partnered with various organizations like the Children’s Miracle Network and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise awareness and support for important causes.

Hilary Duff Younger

Hilary Duff’s portrayal of Kelsey Peters in the TV series “Younger” was a pivotal moment in her career, showcasing her dramatic talent and comedic timing in a way that resonated with audiences. The show ran for six successful seasons from 2015 to 2021, and Hilary’s performance remained a highlight throughout.

“Younger” follows Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old divorced mother who pretends to be 26 to get a job in the competitive publishing industry. Kelsey Peters, played by Hilary, is Liza’s millennial co-worker and later becomes her best friend. Their dynamic is central to the show, as they navigate the challenges of career ambition, romantic relationships, and personal growth in New York City.

Following the conclusion of “Younger,” Hilary has continued to explore diverse projects, including her current leading role in the sitcom “How I Met Your Father.” However, her portrayal of Kelsey Peters remains a defining moment in her career, solidifying her status as a talented and versatile actress who can connect with audiences through humor, drama, and heartwarming storytelling.

Hilary Duff Movies And Tv Shows

Hilary Duff has starred in a wide range of movies and TV shows throughout her career, showcasing her versatility and talent.

The Hilary Duff Movie


  • Teen Idol Era (Early 2000s):

    • Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003): A continuation of the beloved Disney Channel series, where Lizzie goes on a trip to Rome with her class and navigates friendship, romance, and self-discovery.
    • Cheaper by the Dozen (2003): A remake of the classic family comedy, following the Baker family with 12 children as they juggle the chaos of everyday life.
    • A Cinderella Story (2004): A modern-day take on the Cinderella fairytale, where Sam, a high school student, finds her happily ever after with the help of a little magic.
    • Raise Your Voice (2004): Hilary takes on a more dramatic role as Dylan, a grief-stricken teenager who finds solace in music and activism after losing her brother.
  • Transition and Growth (Mid-2000s to 2010s):

    • Material Girls (2006): A satire of celebrity culture starring Hilary and her sister Haylie as pampered socialites whose lives take a drastic turn.
    • War, Inc. (2008): A dark comedy set in a fictional war-torn Middle Eastern country, where Hilary plays a young woman navigating the absurdity and danger of the conflict.
    • According to Greta (2009): Hilary portrays a disillusioned New Yorker who rediscovers herself and her relationships after a chance encounter with a street musician.
  • Return to Television and Beyond (2010s to Present):

    • Younger (2015-2021): Hilary stars as Kelsey Peters, a woman who pretends to be younger to land a publishing job and navigate the challenges and opportunities of New York City life.
    • How I Met Your Father (2022-present): Hilary takes on the lead role of Sophie, a young woman in New York City searching for love while telling her son the story of how she met his father.
    • The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019): Hilary plays the role of Sharon Tate in this dramatization of the infamous Manson Family murders.

TV Shows:

  • Lizzie McGuire (2001-2003): The show that launched Hilary to stardom, following the relatable and often awkward adventures of teenager Lizzie McGuire.
  • Two and a Half Men (2011): Hilary guest-starred as a love interest for Charlie Sheen’s character in this popular sitcom.
  • Raising Hope (2010-2014): Hilary had a recurring role as Jimmy’s on-again, off-again girlfriend in this quirky family comedy.

This is just a selection of Hilary Duff’s filmography. She has appeared in many other movies and TV shows, demonstrating her range and adaptability as an actress.

Hilary Duff How I Met Your Father

In the charming sitcom “How I Met Your Father,” Hilary Duff takes on the lead role of Sophie, a hopeless romantic photographer navigating love and life in New York City in the year 2022. As the framing device, the show is narrated by Sophie’s future self (voiced by Kim Cattrall) telling her son the story of how she met his father.

The series follows Sophie and her close-knit group of friends – Valentina, Jesse, Sid, and Charlie – as they deal with career challenges, relationship hurdles, and the search for their true loves. We see Sophie juggle her photography career with her romantic aspirations, often finding herself in hilarious and relatable situations.

While “How I Met Your Father” is a spin-off of the beloved “How I Met Your Mother,” it takes on a fresh and distinct identity. The focus on a female protagonist and a diverse friend group gives the show a different perspective and explores topics relevant to a new generation.

The show currently has two successful seasons under its belt. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that it has been canceled by Hulu. However, fans remain hopeful for a potential revival or continuation in another format.

Cinderella Story Hilary Duff|Hilary Duff As Cinderella

Hilary Duff’s portrayal of Sam Montgomery in the 2004 film “A Cinderella Story” is a beloved take on the classic fairytale, charming audiences with its modern twist and Duff’s undeniable charisma. Hilary Duff twirls into our hearts as Sam Montgomery, a high school student with big dreams who just happens to be living the real-life Cinderella story.

Stepmotherly woes? Check. Magical transformation? Check (though it involves a funky cell phone and a Halloween costume instead of a fairy godmother). Prince Charming in disguise? Double check (enter the dreamy Austin Ames, played by Chad Michael Murray).

Duff shines in this delightful teen comedy, showcasing her comedic timing, sweet vocals in pop anthems like “So Yesterday,” and undeniable chemistry with Murray. “A Cinderella Story” is a timeless reminder that with a little courage, kindness, and maybe a sparkly shoe, even the most impossible dreams can come true.

Casper Movie With Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff may be best known for her teenage rom-coms, but she actually dipped her toes into the spooky world with the 1998 movie “Casper Meets Wendy.” As Wendy the Good Little Witch, a young and spunky Hilary teams up with the friendly ghost Casper to take on a grumpy warlock.

While not the focus of the film, Hilary’s youthful charm and playful banter with Casper add a touch of sweetness to this family-friendly ghost story, reminding us that even the most unlikely friendships can blossom in the most unexpected places, even if one of your friends is a translucent Casper.

Hilary Duff Lizzie Mcguire

For many, Hilary Duff is synonymous with Lizzie McGuire, the relatable and quirky teenager from the Disney Channel series. Lizzie McGuire, which ran from 2001 to 2003, catapulted Hilary to international fame. She embodied the struggles and triumphs of adolescence, offering viewers a sense of comfort and companionship. The show’s enduring legacy is a testament to its relatable characters, humor, and heartfelt themes, with even a planned revival in the works.

Hilary Duff Songs

Hilary Duff’s musical journey spans over two decades, from catchy pop tunes in her early Disney days to soulful ballads and danceable bops in her recent releases.

Here’s a glimpse into her discography, highlighting some of her most beloved songs:

Teen Pop Anthems:

  • So Yesterday (2003): This sassy breakup anthem became Hilary’s breakout hit, topping charts worldwide and establishing her as a pop music force.
  • Come Clean (2003): A vulnerable and introspective song showcasing Hilary’s vocal range and emotional depth, it resonated with fans going through similar experiences.
  • Wake Up (2005): This energetic and empowering track became a popular choice for cheerleading routines and dance parties, thanks to its infectious beat and motivational lyrics.

Evolution and Growth:

  • Reach Out (2008): This dance-pop track marked a shift in Hilary’s sound, showcasing a more mature and sophisticated vibe.
  • Chasing the Sun (2014): This breezy and optimistic song, co-written by Colbie Caillat, became a summer anthem, celebrating carefree days and chasing dreams.
  • Sparks (2015): This soulful ballad from the “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” album showcases Hilary’s powerful vocals and vulnerability, exploring themes of love and loss.

Recent Collaborations and Exploration:

  • Gypsy Heart (2021): This collaboration with Linda Perry brings a rock ‘n’ roll edge to Hilary’s sound, showcasing her versatility and growth as an artist.
  • Sparks Fly (2021): This groovy and upbeat track with O-Town gives off nostalgic vibes, blending 2000s pop with a modern twist.
  • Second Chances (2023): This song, released as part of the “How I Met Your Father” soundtrack, is a sweet and hopeful ballad about second chances and finding love in unexpected places.

This is just a small selection of Hilary Duff’s extensive music catalog. With each new release, she continues to surprise and delight fans, showcasing her evolution as an artist and her ability to connect with listeners across generations. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering her music, there’s a Hilary Duff song out there waiting to be your next favorite.

What Dreams Are Made Hilary Duff

This iconic song from the Lizzie McGuire movie perfectly captures Hilary’s early career. At just 13, she captivated audiences with her relatable portrayal of Lizzie, chasing dreams and navigating teenage woes. The song became a timeless anthem, reminding us that dreams, just like Hillary’s journey, can bloom into something magical.

Why Not By Hilary Duff

This 2004 pop gem showcases Hilary’s evolution beyond the Disney bubble. With its sassy lyrics and confident attitude, “Why Not” became a relatable anthem for young women breaking free from limitations and embracing their independence.

Hilary Duff Metamorphosis

“Metamorphosis” can refer to two things in Hilary Duff’s career:

1. Her second studio album:

Released in 2003, “Metamorphosis” marked a significant shift in Hilary’s sound and image. Moving away from the pure pop of her debut album, “Metamorphosis” incorporated elements of rock and R&B, showcasing a more mature and personal side of the artist. The album featured hit singles like “So Yesterday,” “Come Clean,” and “Inner Strength,” solidifying Hilary’s position as a top-selling pop star.

2. Her personal and professional growth:

Beyond the album, “Metamorphosis” can also be seen as a metaphor for Hilary’s overall evolution as an artist and young woman. Coming off the success of the “Lizzie McGuire” era, Hilary used this period to explore her musical identity, experiment with different genres, and take on more mature roles in films like “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Raise Your Voice.” This shift reflected her personal growth and desire to be seen as more than just a teen idol.

Hilary Duff Come Clean

Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean” is a powerful and introspective song released in 2004 as the second single from her album “Metamorphosis.” It quickly became a fan favorite and a staple of her early career, resonating with listeners thanks to its relatable themes and emotional depth. Here’s a deeper dive into the song:

Meaning and Lyrics:

The song explores themes of vulnerability, honesty, and the desire for open communication within a relationship. The lyrics express the protagonist’s yearning to “come clean” about her feelings and doubts, acknowledging that things are not working perfectly. Lines like “I’m tired of the secrets, tired of the lies/Tired of the silence, tired of the goodbyes” paint a picture of a relationship strained by unspoken truths.

Musical Style and Impact:

“Come Clean” is a subtle departure from Hilary’s earlier pop anthems. It features a slower tempo and a more stripped-down production, allowing her vocals to take center stage. The melancholic piano chords and the vulnerable delivery create a sense of intimacy and emotional honesty. The song’s success helped establish Hilary’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level beyond just catchy pop tunes.

Cultural Significance:

“Come Clean” became a significant part of the early 2000s pop landscape, finding its way onto countless radio stations and mixtapes. Its themes resonated with young audiences, who saw themselves in the protagonist’s struggles with communication and emotional honesty. The song’s popularity cemented Hilary’s position as a role model for young women, encouraging them to be open and honest about their feelings.

Hilary Duff Let The Rain Fall Down

“Let the Rain Fall Down” isn’t actually a solo song by Hilary Duff, but rather a collaboration with the Jonas Brothers! Released in 2009, it was featured on the soundtrack for the Jonas Brothers’ 3D concert film “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.”

The song is a high-energy pop anthem with a driving beat and catchy lyrics. It’s all about letting go of your worries and embracing the moment, even if things aren’t perfect.

Here are some interesting facts about “Let the Rain Fall Down”:

  • It was written by Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas, along with songwriters Greg Garbowsky and Jason Evigan.
  • The song peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • The music video for the song features the Jonas Brothers and Hilary Duff performing live at their concert film.

While not a solo song by Hilary, “Let the Rain Fall Down” showcases her powerful vocals and infectious energy alongside the Jonas Brothers. It’s a fun and uplifting song that’s sure to get you moving!

Hilary Duff Working Out

Hilary Duff is a fitness inspiration, rocking a balanced routine that combines cardio, strength training, and some serious sweat sessions. She loves a good Tracy Anderson class or a heated Pilates session at Silver Springs, where she enjoys the “purging of toxins” that comes with a hot workout.

Whether it’s hitting the treadmill for a double cardio dose with a weighted vest or taking a hike with her kids, Hilary shows us that staying active can be fun and flexible.

You can even catch glimpses of her home workouts on Instagram, where she might be doing bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, and squats. But don’t let her sunny smile fool you – Hilary pushes herself hard, and her dedication to fitness is definitely paying off!

With Love Hilary Duff Perfume

Launched in 2006, “With Love… Hilary Duff” was the first fragrance created by the multi-talented star, marking a sweet and spicy chapter in her journey. The scent, developed by perfumers Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Stephen Nilsen, captures a warm oriental vibe, perfect for a confident and playful woman.

Imagine a vibrant blend of exotic fruits like mangosteen and spicy notes dancing on your skin, leaving a trail of amber and musk that lingers like a whispered secret. “With Love” is a fragrance that embodies Hilary’s own personality – youthful yet sophisticated, fun yet alluring. It’s a scent that says, “I know who I am, and I’m ready to take on the world.”

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Hilary Duff or simply looking for a unique and captivating fragrance, “With Love” is worth a try. It’s a timeless classic that continues to be cherished by many, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Hilary Duff Peliculas

While “Lizzie McGuire” launched Hilary Duff’s career, her filmography extends far beyond the Disney Channel. She has starred in a diverse range of movies, including teen comedies like “A Cinderella Story” and “Cheaper by the Dozen,” dramas like “Raise Your Voice” and “The Haunting of Sharon Tate,” and even lent her voice to animated characters in films like “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Currently, she leads the Hulu sitcom “How I Met Your Father,” showcasing her comedic timing and relatable charm as Sophie in this spin-off of the popular “How I Met Your Mother.”

Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff is no stranger to body art, sporting over 20 hidden tattoos scattered across her arms, torso, and even her neck. These delicate inkings range from meaningful phrases like “ma petite amie” (my little friend) to whimsical designs like butterflies and constellations. While often hidden under clothes, glimpses of her tattoos occasionally appear in photoshoots or candid moments, adding a touch of personal expression to her image.

Hilary Duff Dress

Hilary Duff has a knack for rocking diverse styles, from casual chic to red-carpet glamour. Her wardrobe features everything from flowy maxi dresses and sleek jumpsuits to playful miniskirts and edgy leather jackets. She isn’t afraid to experiment with trends, often setting fashion inspirations with her confident and effortless approach. Whether attending an award show or grabbing coffee with friends, Hilary always manages to look put-together and stylish.

Hilary Duff Hair

Hilary Duff has embraced a variety of hairstyles throughout her career, from her signature blonde waves in the “Lizzie McGuire” era to edgy choppy cuts and trendy balayage. Recently, she has opted for a more natural look, sporting her long, healthy hair in relaxed waves or sleek ponytails. Her hair choices often complement her outfits and makeup, showcasing her chameleon-like ability to adapt her style to different situations.

Hilary Duff Teeth

Hilary Duff’s smile is one of her most recognizable features. Her bright, white teeth are a testament to good dental hygiene and contribute significantly to her overall radiant appearance. Whether she’s laughing in a candid photo or delivering a heartfelt speech, her smile instantly lights up the room and conveys her infectious warmth and positive energy.

Hilary Duff Young

Starting her career at a young age, Hilary Duff has grown up in the spotlight. From navigating the challenges of child stardom to balancing motherhood with her multifaceted career, she has shown remarkable resilience and maturity. Today, at 36, she remains a role model for young women, inspiring them to pursue their dreams with passion and determination while staying true to themselves.

Hilary Duff And Aaron Carter

In the early 2000s, Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter were the epitome of teen romance. Their on-again, off-again relationship, documented on tabloid covers and reality shows, captured the hearts of young audiences.

They starred together in Lizzie McGuire episodes and even released a duet, “I Want it That Way,” fueled by their undeniable chemistry. While their tumultuous relationship ultimately ended in 2003, it remains a significant chapter in Hilary’s personal and professional life, highlighting the joys and complexities of navigating love in the spotlight.

Hilary Duff Joel Madden

In 2004, then 16-year-old Hilary began dating Joel Madden, the frontman of the pop-punk band Good Charlotte. The age gap sparked widespread controversy, raising questions about power dynamics and celebrity influence.

While the relationship endured for two years, facing constant scrutiny in the media, it marked a turning point for Hilary. She navigated the public backlash with maturity and used the experience as a catalyst for personal growth, solidifying her independence and paving the way for future artistic exploration.

Hilary Duff Proposal|Matthew Koma

Hilary Duff is currently engaged to musician Matthew Koma! In November 2021, Koma proposed during a romantic beach trip, and Duff shared the heartwarming news with a sweet Instagram post showcasing her stunning diamond ring. The couple, who have been together since 2017 and share two children, are planning their happily ever after, and fans are eagerly awaiting details about their upcoming wedding.

Hilary Duff Height

Hilary Duff’s height is reported to be around 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm). Her weight estimates vary, but generally fall within the range of 115-130 pounds (52-59 kg). Additionally, Hilary’s body measurements are reportedly 34-27-34 inches (87-69-87 cm).

Hilary Duff Husband|Spouse

Hilary Duff is currently married to Matthew Koma, a songwriter, record producer, and DJ. They tied the knot on December 21, 2019, in an intimate ceremony at their Los Angeles home.

Matthew Koma is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has written and produced songs for artists like Sam Smith, One Direction, Zedd, and Hilary Duff herself. He even co-wrote and produced the title track for Hilary’s 2015 album “Breathe In. Breathe Out.”

The couple met in 2013 while working on Hilary’s album, and started dating in 2017. They have two daughters together: Banks Violet Bair (born in 2020) and Mae James Bair (born in 2021). In addition, Hilary also has a son, Luca Cruz Comrie (born in 2012), from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie.

Hilary Duff Net Worth

Hilary Duff’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $25 million to $30 million. While there’s no definitive publicly available figure, various sources offer estimations based on her diverse career.

Acting in numerous films and TV shows, including “Lizzie McGuire,” “Younger,” “How I Met Your Father,” and various films like “A Cinderella Story” and “Cheaper by the Dozen.” Earning significant salaries for leading roles and endorsements.

Releasing multiple studio albums with hit singles like “So Yesterday,” “Come Clean,” and “Sparks.” Touring and performing live concerts.

Establishing successful clothing lines like “Little Duff” for children and partnerships with brands like Kohl’s. Launching her own jewelry line “Muse Jewelry.”

Brand endorsements and partnerships with various companies. Writing and publishing books like her “Elixir” trilogy.

How Old Is Hilary Duff

Born on September 28, 1987, Hilary recently celebrated her 36th birthday. Over the years, she’s embraced different birthday themes, from a family-oriented luau to a glamorous “disco fever” party. Each celebration reflects her ever-evolving personality and zest for life.

Is Hilary Duff Married

Yes, Hilary is happily married to Matthew Koma, a singer, songwriter, and record producer. They tied the knot in 2019 and have two beautiful daughters together. Their relationship blends music and family, with Matthew even co-writing songs for Hilary’s albums.

How Old Was Hilary Duff In A Cinderella Story

Hilary Duff was just 17 years old when she brought the timeless fairytale to life in “A Cinderella Story” in 2004. Her youthful energy and charm perfectly captured the essence of Sam, a high school student who finds her happily ever after despite the challenges thrown her way. This film remains a beloved classic for many, solidifying Hilary’s early career and showcasing her undeniable talent.

Hilary Duff Instagram


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