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Haylie Duff Bio|Wiki

Haylie Duff (Haylie Katherine Duff) is an American actress, television personality, writer, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. She is popularly known for her roles as  Amy Sanders in Lizzie McGuire, Summer Wheatley in Napoleon Dynamite, and Sandy Jameson in the television series 7th Heaven. Additionally, she is the older sister of American singer and actress Hilary Duff.

Haylie has received numerous awards for her work, including a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Breakout Star – Female for Napoleon Dynamite as well as a Radio Disney Music Award for Most Rockin’ Relative.

Haylie Duff Age

She was born Haylie Katherine Duff on February 19, 1985, in Houston, Texas, United States. Haylie is currently 39 years old. Haylie is of German and Norwegian descent on her father’s side and English, Irish, and Scottish descent on her mother’s side. Additionally, her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Haylie Duff Family

Haylie was born in Houston, Texas. Her mother, Susan Colleen Duff (née Cobb), and her father, Robert Erhard “Bob” Duff.  In addition, her mom is a film producer who played a supportive role in both Haylie and Hilary’s acting careers. She even co-produced “A Cinderella Story,” starring Hilary, and managed Hilary’s career for some time.

Moreover, Haylie’s dad is a partner and owner of a chain of convenience stores. He’s known for being a down-to-earth and supportive father who lives in Houston to maintain the family business. Haylie also has a younger sister, Hilary Duff, who is also an actress, singer, and businesswoman with a career spanning decades. Additionally, she has several step-siblings from her parents’ later relationships.

Haylie Duff Sisters

Haylie has a younger sister named Hilary Duff who is a well-known actress and singer. Hilary was born on September 28, 1987, and is best known in the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire.” Additionally, she has appeared in films like “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “A Cinderella Story.” Both sisters started their careers young, with Haylie appearing in local theatre productions.

Hilary is also a Singer and Fashion Designer. She’s released several albums, including Metamorphosis and Breathe In. Breathe Out.  She runs her own clothing line called Dnce. Despite their busy lives, Haylie and Hilary prioritize spending time with their family, including their parents, Susan and Bob Duff, and their children.

Haylie Duff Education

Haylie Duff’s formal education remains largely undisclosed.  Despite not adhering to the traditional academic route, she has continuously expanded her skillset through acting in various roles, recording music, writing books, hosting cooking shows, and managing her business ventures. This diverse experience has provided her with invaluable knowledge and practical skills.

In 2005, both Haylie and her sister Hilary enrolled in online courses offered by Harvard University’s Extension School. However, the specific subjects they studied haven’t been publicly disclosed, although it is known they were particularly interested in psychology and writing.

Haylie Duff Actress|Young

She started her acting career at a young age, appearing in local theater productions and guest-starring on television shows. Her noteworthy television debut was in 1997  in the made-for-television movie True Women.

Haylie’s breakthrough role came when she started playing Sandy Jameson on the WB drama series 7th Heaven in 2002. She remained part of the show for 6 seasons, until 2007. Throughout this period, she also starred in several films, including The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), and Material Girls (2006).

Apart from her pursuits in acting, Haylie has also pursued a music career. She has launched 2 studio albums, “Haylie Duff” (2004) and “The Climb” (2006).  Additionally, Haylie has written and recorded songs for multiple films, including Napoleon Dynamite and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

In the past few years, she has focused on her family and her lifestyle brand. She has launched a children’s clothing line named Little Moon Society, and a food blog, The Real Girl’s Kitchen. Additionally, Haylie has authored two cookbooks, “The Real Girl’s Kitchen” (2013) and “The Mom’s Guide to Meal Prep” (2019).

Haylie Duff Movies And Tv Shows

Haylie Duff’s career spans across various genres and platforms, showcasing her versatility and talent. Here’s a glimpse into her filmography, categorized by movies and TV shows:


  • Early Roles (1998-2003): These include appearances in “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge,” “Lizzie McGuire Movie,” and “Cheaper by the Dozen.”
  • Breakthrough and Cult Classics (2004-2007): Haylie’s breakout role came with “Napoleon Dynamite,” followed by “Material Girls” (co-starring her sister Hilary Duff) and “Raise Your Voice.”
  • Hallmark and Lifetime Films (2010-Present): Haylie has become a mainstay in these networks, starring in numerous holiday-themed and romantic movies like “The Christmas Pact,” “Blending Christmas,” and “Love Finds a Home.”
  • Animated Voice Acting: Haylie has lent her voice to animated characters in “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Foodfight!,” and “Cyko KO: The Animated Series.”

Television Shows:

  • Reality TV and Hosting (2014-Present): Haylie has embraced reality TV, appearing in “The Bachelor Next Door” and hosting shows like “Chopped Junior” and “The Real Girl’s Kitchen.”
  • Early Appearances (1997-2003): Haylie’s early TV journey includes guest roles in “Boston Public,” “That’s So Raven,” and recurring roles in “Chicago Hope” and “American Dreams.”
  • 7th Heaven (1999-2007): Haylie’s rise to fame came with her standout performance as Sandy Jameson in this family drama. This not only brought her widespread acclaim but also established her presence throughout seven seasons, securing her status as a cherished young actress.
  • Lizzie McGuire (2002-2004): Appearing as Amy Sanders, Lizzie’s best friend, Haylie further endeared herself to audiences with her comedic timing and relatable portrayal.
  • Joan of Arcadia (2003-2005): In this quirky drama, Haylie guest-starred as Sister Beatrice, showcasing her dramatic range and ability to portray complex characters.
  • Real Rob (2015-2017): Haylie took on a recurring role in this semi-autobiographical sitcom by Rob Schneider, demonstrating her comedic talent and willingness to take on quirky roles.
  • Younger (2017): Haylie made a guest appearance in this popular dramedy, playing Kelsey Peters, a confident and successful author, adding a touch of glamour to the show.

Haylie Duff In Lizzie Mcguire

In the iconic Disney Channel series, Haylie Duff took on the role of Amy Sanders. Amy was the cool and confident counterpart to Lizzie’s awkwardness and self-doubt. Additionally, she was stylish, popular, and always had Lizzie’s back, offering support and advice through thick and thin.

Haylie Duff’s chemistry with Hilary Duff, who played Lizzie, was undeniable. Their on-screen friendship felt genuine and natural, making their scenes together a joy to watch. The duo’s real-life sisterhood added another layer of authenticity to their portrayal of best friends, further endearing them to audiences.

Haylie Duff In Napoleon Dynamite

Haylie Duff played Lizzie McGuire’s best friend, Amy Sanders, in the iconic Disney Channel series. She nails the ditzy charm of the popular girl with her signature side ponytail, infectious laugh, and lines like, “Do you like your chapstick? It’s, like, cherry-flavored.”

Her chemistry with Jon Heder as Napoleon is hilarious, especially in the iconic dance scene where they rock out to “Bohemian Rhapsody” in their own awkward, unforgettable way. Duff’s portrayal of Summer is a perfect balance of ditzy and sweet, making her a memorable character who adds crucial heart and humor to the film.

Haylie Duff Christmas Movies

Haylie Duff is a queen of Christmas cheer, starring in a delightful lineup of festive films that are sure to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. From charming rom-coms like “Hats Off to Christmas” where she plays a single mom finding love in a small town, to heartwarming family adventures like “Blending Christmas” where she reunites two families at a snowy resort, Duff brings her signature charm and comedic timing to every holiday tale.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet escape with “All About Christmas Eve” where she juggles career and love during the holidays, or a laugh-out-loud adventure with “Christmas in the City” where she teams up with Santa to save Christmas, Haylie Duff’s Christmas movies are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. So grab a cup of cocoa, snuggle up on the couch, and let Haylie Duff take you on a merry cinematic journey this Christmas season!

Haylie Duff Lifetime Movies

Haylie Duff is a Lifetime Movie Channel regular, bringing her signature sweetness and comedic flair to a variety of heartwarming and thrilling tales. Whether she’s playing a woman in jeopardy seeking a fresh start in “Deadly Delusion,” a bride-to-be navigating unexpected family dynamics in “The Bachelor Next Door,” or a single mom finding love during the holidays in “Sweeter Than Chocolate,” Duff’s Lifetime movies offer a range of emotions and relatable situations.

She’s even ventured into the world of thrillers with “Nightmare,” showcasing her versatility as an actress. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a cozy night of entertainment with Haylie Duff, the queen of Lifetime movies.

Haylie Duff 7th Heaven

Haylie Duff’s role as Sandy Jameson in the long-running family drama “7th Heaven” was a pivotal one, catapulting her to teen stardom and solidifying her place as a beloved television personality. From 1999 to 2007, Duff brought life to the rebellious yet relatable teenager, grappling with issues like self-esteem, family dynamics, and navigating the complexities of adolescence.

Sandy’s journey resonated deeply with viewers, particularly young girls who saw themselves in her struggles and triumphs. Duff’s portrayal was nuanced, showcasing Sandy’s vulnerability alongside her sassy humor and unwavering loyalty to friends and family. Her journey from rebellious teen to responsible young woman, navigating challenges like teen pregnancy and substance abuse, offered viewers a relatable and hopeful message about growth and self-discovery.

Haylie Duff Hallmark Movies

Haylie Duff is a Hallmark movie darling, known for bringing her radiant smile and infectious charm to a variety of heartwarming holiday and romantic stories.

Here’s a glimpse into some of her Hallmark favorites:

  • “Hats Off to Christmas” (2015): Duff plays Maggie, a single mom struggling to keep her family business afloat during the holidays. When a charming director arrives to film a documentary, sparks fly and Maggie rediscovers the magic of Christmas.

  • “Romance on the Menu” (2018): Duff is Autumn, a gourmet chef who returns to her hometown to help her family’s struggling restaurant. She sparks a romance with the handsome owner of a rival diner, leading to delicious competition and heartwarming discoveries.

  • “The Sweetest Christmas” (2017): Duff plays Kate, a baker who inherits a charming candy shop in a small town. She teams up with the town’s handsome doctor to revive the shop and spread holiday cheer, all while falling in love along the way.

  • “Holiday Engagement” (2018): Duff is Gwen, a workaholic who finds herself engaged in a fake romance with a charming carpenter to appease her family during the holidays. What starts as a pretend relationship soon blossoms into something real, bringing holiday magic to their lives.

  • “Sweeter than Chocolate” (2019): Duff takes on the role of Chloe, a chocolatier who enters a competition to save her family’s chocolate shop. She teams up with a rival chocolatier, leading to sweet sparks and a delicious journey of self-discovery.

These are just a few of Haylie Duff’s Hallmark movies that have captured the hearts of viewers. With her talent, charisma, and undeniable charm, she continues to be a leading lady in the Hallmark world, bringing festive cheer and heartwarming stories to our screens every holiday season.

Haylie Duff Yellowstone

While Haylie Duff hasn’t graced the Dutton ranch in “Yellowstone” just yet, there’s been a bit of a mix-up! It’s her older sister, Hilary Duff, who stars in the hit Paramount Network drama, playing the ambitious and cunning Beth Dutton.

Hilary Duff joined the cast in season 4, portraying Beth as a cutthroat businesswoman with a fierce loyalty to her family. Her performance has been widely praised, adding a new layer of complexity and intrigue to the Dutton clan.

Haylie Duff Nightmare

Haylie Duff’s “Nightmare” (2007) is a chilling television film that delves into the world of sleep disorders and their terrifying consequences. As Sarah, a young woman plagued by increasingly dangerous somnambulism, Duff navigates a blurred line between reality and the terrifying dreamscapes she inhabits.

The film explores the psychological toll of sleepwalking, the strain on relationships, and the chilling possibility of harm during unconscious episodes. Packed with suspenseful twists and turns, “Nightmare” will leave you questioning what’s real and what’s merely a figment of a troubled sleep.

Haylie Duff Songs

Haylie Duff’s musical journey stretches beyond the iconic “Our Lips Are Sealed” duet with her sister Hilary. Here’s a glimpse into her diverse musical offerings:

Pop Ballads:

  • “One In This World” (2004): This sweet and hopeful ballad, as we discussed, expresses the yearning for a soulmate and resonated with fans searching for love.
  • “A Whatever Life” (2004): This catchy tune captures the carefree spirit of youth and the excitement of living life on your own terms.
  • “Sweetest Pain” (2007): This heartwarming ballad explores the bittersweet emotions of a relationship ending, showcasing Duff’s emotional range.

Country-Pop Blends:

  • “Wait” (2009): This upbeat song features a country twang and Duff’s playful vocals, offering a fun and energetic change of pace.
  • “Brave Heart” (2014): This empowering anthem encourages listeners to follow their dreams and be true to themselves, with a country-inspired melody.

Holiday Tunes:

  • “Santa Claus Lane” (2002): This festive and nostalgic song captures the magic of Christmas and the joy of spending time with loved ones.
  • “Holiday” (2008): This upbeat and bubbly tune is a perfect addition to any holiday playlist, with a catchy melody and Duff’s joyful vocals.

Beyond the Solo Acts:

  • “Our Lips Are Sealed” (2004): This iconic duet with her sister Hilary remains a pop culture staple, showcasing their playful chemistry and vocal talents.
  • “On the Rise Again” (2002): Haylie provided background vocals on this song by rapper Kool G Rap, demonstrating her versatility and willingness to collaborate beyond pop music.

These are just a few highlights of Haylie Duff’s musical career. While she hasn’t released a full-fledged album in recent years, her diverse collection of songs showcases her talent as a singer and songwriter. Her music offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for heartfelt ballads, upbeat pop tunes, or festive holiday cheer.

Haylie Duff One In This World

“One In This World” is a sweet and hopeful pop ballad released in 2004 by Haylie Duff, best known for her role as Sandy Jameson in the television series “7th Heaven”. The song expresses the yearning for a soulmate, someone who truly understands and complements you.

Duff’s heartfelt vocals and relatable lyrics resonate with anyone who has ever felt alone or longed for a deep connection. The song became a popular choice for weddings and graduations, capturing the sentiment of finding your one true love and embarking on a new chapter in life.

Duff’s vocals are soft and emotive, conveying the vulnerability and hopefulness of her lyrics. The song’s gentle melody and romantic message have resonated with fans, making it a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions.

Haylie Duff Sweet On You

She stars in the 2023 Hallmark movie “Sweet on You,” but the title actually refers to two different projects she’s been involved with!

  1. Sweet on You (TV Movie, 2023):

    This is a Hallmark romantic comedy where Haylie plays Kate, a small-town pie shop owner whose life gets turned upside down when a city boy named Drew (Rob Mayes) inherits land that could threaten her business. They clash initially, but sparks fly as they work together to save the pie shop and learn to appreciate each other’s differences.

  2. Sweet on You (Song):

    This is a pop ballad released by Haylie in 2004, expressing the longing for a soulmate who truly understands and complements you. It was featured on her self-titled debut album and became a popular choice for weddings and graduations.

Haylie Duff Politics

Haylie Duff has not made any strong political statements, she has shown occasional support for causes related to women’s rights and civic engagement. However, it remains unclear what her specific political views are, and she appears to prefer to keep her personal beliefs private.

In 2017, she attended a march for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, expressing support for women’s reproductive rights.

She posted a message on Instagram encouraging people to vote, but did not endorse any specific candidate or party in 2020.

In 2023, she participated in a campaign called “Storytellers for Democracy,” which encourages people to register to vote and participate in the democratic process.

Haylie Duff Hairspray

Haylie Duff’s involvement with “Hairspray” actually goes beyond just watching the movie! She played a significant role in the musical’s Broadway production in 2006. She stepped into the iconic role of Amber Von Tussle, the self-absorbed rival to Tracy Turnblad.

Duff’s portrayal of Amber showcased her comedic timing and musical talent, bringing the character’s sass and scheming to life on stage. This marked her Broadway debut and garnered her critical acclaim for her performance. So, next time you think of “Hairspray,” remember Haylie Duff’s sparkling turn as the not-so-nice Amber Von Tussle!

Haylie Duff Kim Kardashian

Haylie Duff and Kim Kardashian are both successful figures in the entertainment industry, but their paths have rarely crossed directly. While Duff’s career has focused on acting and singing, primarily in family-friendly projects like “7th Heaven” and Hallmark movies, Kardashian has carved a niche in reality TV and fashion, with shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and her popular SKIMS clothing line.

There was a brief flashpoint in their early careers when tensions flared in 2007, with leaked messages revealing a feud fueled by jealousy and misunderstandings. However, both have moved on and established their own distinct identities in the industry. Duff remains a beloved actress with a loyal fanbase, while Kardashian continues to dominate the reality TV and fashion landscape.

Despite the lack of direct collaboration or conflict, their contrasting careers offer an interesting study of the diverse paths available in the entertainment industry. While Duff’s focus on family-friendly projects and acting has cultivated a wholesome image, Kardashian’s embrace of reality TV and entrepreneurial ventures has built her a different kind of empire. Both approaches have proven successful, showcasing the varied opportunities available to talented individuals within the entertainment world.

Haylie Duff Matt Rosenberg

Haylie Duff and Matt Rosenberg are a picture of Hollywood bliss, enjoying a decade-long relationship built on shared interests and mutual support. They met way back in 2004 at a restaurant opening, sparking a connection that blossomed into a strong and enduring love story.

Rosenberg, a film producer and entrepreneur, has been a constant source of support for Duff’s acting career, often accompanying her to events and cheering her on from the sidelines. He’s also her business partner, co-founding the Little Moon Society, a subscription box service for children.

Their commitment to family is evident in their two daughters, Ryan and Lulu, who bring joy and laughter into their lives. Despite keeping their personal lives relatively private, they occasionally share glimpses of their happy family life on social media, showcasing their love for each other and their children.

Their engagement in 2014 was followed by a wedding postponement due to pregnancy, but their love story continues to thrive. They haven’t rushed to tie the knot, preferring to savor their journey together and prioritize their family. Their relationship is a testament to the power of understanding, shared values, and unwavering support, making them a true Hollywood love success story.

Haylie Duff Height

Haylie Duff’s height is reported to be around 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). Additionally, she is estimated to be around 120-130 pounds (54-59 kg).

Haylie Duff Husband

Haylie Duff is currently in a committed relationship with Matt Rosenberg, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. They announced their engagement in 2014, but Haylie became pregnant with their first daughter Ryan shortly after. The pair decided to postpone the wedding due to Duff’s pregnancy to focus on their growing family, and the couple hasn’t publicly announced any new wedding plans since.

They met at the opening of a restaurant and sparked a connection that has lasted over a decade. Rosenberg is a film producer and entrepreneur who has been a constant source of support for Duff’s career and personal life. They co-founded the Little Moon Society, a children’s subscription box service. They have two daughters together, Ryan and Lulu.

Haylie Duff Net Worth

Haylie Duff’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. While not as high as her sister Hilary Duff’s estimated net worth of $25 million, Haylie has enjoyed a successful career in her own right, primarily through acting and singing.

Here’s a breakdown of how she built her net worth:

  • Acting: Haylie’s long-running role as Sandy Jameson in “7th Heaven” and other acting gigs in movies like “Napoleon Dynamite” and Hallmark films have contributed significantly to her earnings.
  • Singing: While not as prominent as her acting, her music career, including her self-titled album and singles like “One in This World,” has brought in additional income.
  • Television Hosting: Haylie hosted the cooking show “The Real Girl’s Kitchen,” adding another avenue to her income stream.
  • Business Ventures: Her co-founding of the Little Moon Society children’s subscription box service shows her entrepreneurial spirit and diversifies her income sources.

Is Haylie Duff Married

Haylie Duff is not married. While she has been in a committed relationship with Matt Rosenberg for over a decade, they haven’t yet tied the knot. The couple has two beautiful daughters, Ryan and Lulu, who are the center of their world. She was previously married to Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie from 2010 to 2016.

How Old Is Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff was born on February 14, 1985, making her 39 years old. Her birthday comes just in time for Valentine’s Day, making it a double celebration!

Haylie Duff Instagram


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