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Truth Or Drink Game

Truth or Dare with a Boozy Twist: All About the Drink Or Truth Game

Drink Or Truth is a dynamic and engaging game that combines the thrill of truth or dare with the social lubrication of drinking making it a popular choice for parties and gatherings. This party game is perfect for bringing out laughter, hidden secrets, and maybe a few regrets (hopefully not too many!).

Whether played in person or online, this game promises laughter, revelations, and unforgettable moments among friends. In this article, we delve into the essence of Drink Or Truth, exploring its various formats, questions, and the excitement it brings to gatherings.

Drink Or Truth: How to Play

Drink Or Truth is a game designed to break the ice and foster deeper connections among participants. The rules are simple: players take turns either answering a truth question honestly or drinking a predetermined amount of alcohol. This creates a playful atmosphere where inhibitions are lowered, leading to candid conversations and hilarious anecdotes.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Gather your friends: The more the merrier!
  • Stock up on drinks: Any beverages will do, but remember to pace yourselves if you’re playing for a while.
  • Decide on the “drink” amount: A sip, a shot, or a chug – determine what feels comfortable for your group.
  • Take turns asking questions: Start with a designated person asking another player “Truth or Drink?”
  • Truth or Consequences: If the player chooses “Truth,” they answer honestly. If they pick “Drink,” they take the designated amount of their beverage and the questioning moves to the next player.
  • Keep it spinning: Once a question is answered, the questioned player gets to ask the next person “Truth or Drink?”

Pro Tip: Establish ground rules beforehand. It’s okay to respectfully decline answering a question if it makes you uncomfortable. You can also set boundaries on the types of questions asked to keep things light and fun.

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Truth Or Drink Online

With the rise of virtual socializing, Truth Or Drink has found its way into the digital realm. Online platforms offer virtual versions of the game, allowing friends to connect from anywhere in the world. Through video calls or messaging apps, players can enjoy the same level of interaction and entertainment as they would in person. This adaptation ensures that distance does not hinder the enjoyment of the game.

Can’t get your friends together in person? No problem! There are online versions of Truth or Dare available to play with remote companions. These platforms often have pre-generated questions or allow users to submit their own.

Here are some things to keep in mind when playing online:

  • Video conferencing: Consider using a video call platform to add a more social element to the game.
  • Question moderation: If using a platform with user-generated questions, be cautious and respectful of boundaries.
  • Responsible drinking: Even when playing online, remember to pace yourself if you’re having alcoholic drinks.

Truth Or Drink Game: Questions to Get You Started

The traditional Truth Or Drink game consists of a deck of cards, each containing a question or dare. Players take turns drawing cards and must choose between answering the question truthfully or taking a drink. The questions range from lighthearted inquiries to more provocative ones, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Additionally, players have the option to pass if they’re uncomfortable with a particular question, though this often comes with a penalty, such as taking multiple drinks.

23 Truth or Drink Questions (Mix of Lighthearted, Revealing, and Daring)

This list offers a mix of questions to keep your Truth or Drink game interesting, with some lighthearted inquiries, some potentially revealing questions, and a few dares thrown in for good measure. Remember to adjust the difficulty and intensity based on your group and the vibe you’re going for.


  1. Truth: What’s your phone’s most embarrassing ringtone or notification sound?
  2. Drink: Can you recite the alphabet backwards? (Everyone who fails drinks)
  3. Truth: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
  4. Drink: What’s the most useless talent you possess? (Everyone who picks something debatable drinks)
  5. Truth: What fictional food from a book or movie would you love to try?
  6. Drink: Do a funny impression of someone in this room. (Everyone who doesn’t get a drink)


  1. Truth: What’s the one thing you secretly judge people for? (Keep it lighthearted)
  2. Drink: Reveal a time you lied and got away with it.
  3. Truth: What is your biggest irrational fear?
  4. Drink: Confess to a time you did something embarrassing but thought it was cool at the time.
  5. Truth: What is your proudest accomplishment, big or small?
  6. Drink: Describe your worst date ever.

Daring (keep it lighthearted and respectful):

  1. Dare: Call your most recent ex and tell them you miss your pet goldfish (with group permission beforehand).
  2. Truth: What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
  3. Dare: Let the person to your left post a harmless photo/message on your social media.
  4. Truth: What is the one thing you would never do for a million bucks?
  5. Dare: Grant the person next to you a silly dare they can redeem anytime within the next week.

Back to Lighthearted:

  1. Truth: What is your go-to karaoke song, even if you can’t sing well?
  2. Drink: Show off your best (or worst) dance move. (Everyone who doesn’t gets a drink)
  3. Truth: What would your autobiography be titled?
  4. Drink: Who here can wiggle their ears? (Everyone who can’t drinks)
  5. Truth: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever googled? (Keep it light)
  6. Drink: Confess to a time you laughed way too hard at something inappropriate.
  7. Truth: What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?
  8. Drink: Sing the last song you listened to at the top of your lungs.
  9. Truth: Reveal your most prized possession.
  10. Drink: Do your best celebrity impression.
  11. Truth: Confess to a time you lied.
  12. Drink: Take a sip for every time you’ve checked your phone today.
  13. Truth: What is your biggest fear?
  14. Drink: Post a funny selfie online. (Make sure everyone is comfortable with this one!)

Drinking Game Truth Or Dare Questions

Looking to add a spicy twist? While Truth or Drink is generally lighter than traditional Truth or Dare, you can incorporate some classic dares for an extra challenge. Just remember to prioritize safety and respect boundaries. Here are some Truth or Dare questions with a drinking twist:

  • Truth: Reveal your biggest crush in the room (or take a drink!).
  • Dare: Call your ex and tell them you miss their [insert funny detail]. (If uncomfortable, down a drink!)
  • Truth: Confess to a time you snooped on someone’s phone. (Drink if you’ve done it more than once!)
  • Dare: Post a harmless but embarrassing childhood photo of yourself online. (Drink if you refuse!)

19 Drinking Game Truth Or Dare Questions:

 Here are 19 examples of truth questions that can spice up your Drink Or Truth game:

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done while intoxicated?
  2. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s significant other?
  3. What’s the wildest place you’ve had sex?
  4. Have you ever cheated on a partner?
  5. What’s your biggest regret in life?
  6. Describe your worst date experience.
  7. Have you ever stolen something?
  8. What’s your secret talent?
  9. Share your most embarrassing childhood memory.
  10. Have you ever sent a risky text to the wrong person?
  11. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?
  12. Have you ever lied to get out of trouble?
  13. What’s the most ridiculous rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
  14. Share your most awkward encounter with an ex.
  15. Have you ever faked being sick to get out of something?
  16. Describe your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.
  17. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
  18. Have you ever snooped through someone else’s phone?
  19. Share a guilty pleasure you have.

20 Truth Or Drink Questions:

Here are 20 additional truth questions to keep the fun going:

  1. What’s your most irrational fear?
  2. Have you ever ghosted someone?
  3. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing?
  4. Share a secret you’ve never told anyone.
  5. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
  6. Describe your worst hangover.
  7. What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into with the law?
  8. Share a cringe-worthy pickup line you’ve used.
  9. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  10. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show or movie?
  11. Describe your most embarrassing moment in school.
  12. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
  13. Share the weirdest dream you’ve ever had.
  14. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve searched for online?
  15. Have you ever lied about your age?
  16. Describe your most awkward encounter with a crush.
  17. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of a crush?
  18. Share a secret habit you have.
  19. Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have?
  20. What’s the most embarrassing text message you’ve sent by mistake?

Drink Truth or Dare Questions (Spicy Edition)

Looking to add a bit more excitement? Consider incorporating some elements of Truth or Dare into your Truth or Drink game. Here are some spicy examples:

  1. Truth: Reveal your most embarrassing workplace moment.
  2. Dare: Do your best celebrity impersonation for a minute.
  3. Truth: Confess your biggest crush in this room (without revealing their name).
  4. Dare: Sing a karaoke song of your choice – terribly!
  5. Truth: Describe your most irrational fear.
  6. Dare: Grant the person next to you a harmless dare they can redeem anytime within the next week.
  7. Truth: Admit to a time you lied and got away with it.
  8. Dare: Let someone else post whatever they want on your social media for 30 minutes. (This can be toned down if necessary)
  9. Truth: Share the weirdest dream you’ve ever had.
  10. Dare: Call your most recent ex (with permission from the group beforehand).

10 Drink Or Truth Questions (Lighthearted Edition)

For a more casual setting, here are some lighthearted Truth or Drink questions:

  1. Truth: What is your go-to karaoke song?
  2. Drink: Who here can wiggle their ears? (Everyone who can’t drinks)
  3. Truth: What’s the most useless talent you possess?
  4. Drink: If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be and why? (Everyone who picks a predator drinks)
  5. Truth: What fictional world would you love to live in?
  6. Drink: Who here has a secret handshake? (Everyone who does drinks)
  7. Truth: What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
  8. Drink: Confess to a time you laughed way too hard at something inappropriate.
  9. Truth: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and enjoyed?
  10. Drink: Show off your best dance move. (Everyone who doesn’t gets a drink)

What Is Truth or Drink?

Truth or Drink is a social game that injects a boozy element into the classic Truth or Dare. Players are presented with a difficult choice: answer a potentially revealing “truth” question honestly or take a sip (or a swig, depending on your group’s preference) of their beverage. The key lies in the questions, which can range from lighthearted and funny to thought-provoking and potentially embarrassing. The game fosters a sense of camaraderie and can lead to hilarious revelations and unexpected bonding experiences.

How Truth or Dare Works

Here’s how to get your Truth or Drink game rolling:

  1. Gather your players: The more, the merrier!
  2. Choose your drinks: It can be anything from beers and cocktails to mocktails for non-drinkers.
  3. Decide on the consequence: A sip, a shot, or finishing your drink – the choice is yours!
  4. Take turns asking questions: You can go in a clockwise direction or use a spinner to determine who asks whom.
  5. Most importantly, have fun! Remember, it’s about enjoying yourselves and getting to know each other better.


Whether played offline or online, Drink Or Truth is a game that brings people together through laughter, honesty, and shared experiences. With its blend of truth questions and drinking challenges, it’s guaranteed to liven up any gathering and create lasting memories. So gather your friends, pour some drinks, and get ready for a night of fun and revelations with Drink Or Truth.

Remember: The key to a fun game of Drink or Truth is to keep it lighthearted and be respectful of your fellow players.

So grab your drinks, gather your friends, and get ready for a night of laughter, revelations, and maybe a few drinks (responsibly, of course!).

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