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Alexis Guerreros Bio|Wiki

Alexis Guerreros is currently an Analyst/TV presenter on the cbssportsgolazo Morning Footy show and is also a co-host of the soccer hooligans podcast. Despite his busy schedule, Alexis seamlessly juggles his roles as a comedian, analyst, and TV host. Furthermore, in addition to his comedic pursuits, he has ventured into various professional endeavors.

Alexis Guerreros Age

Guerreros is a comedian and analyst, who was born in Newark, NJ. He is around 37 years old.

Alexis Guerreros Family

Alexis Guerreros is proud of his  Cuban heritage. He managed to overcome the challenges of growing up in Newark, NJ with a single Cuban mother. However, his life took a turn when he was laid off from a well-paying but horrible corporate job. Despite these obstacles, Guerreros persevered and embarked on a career in comedy. As for information about his siblings, it remains undisclosed.

Alexis Guerreros Cbs Sports

Alexis Guerreros is known for his versatile career in the world of soccer and comedy. Currently, he holds the position of an analyst for CBS SPORTS GOLAZO NETWORK’s flagship morning show, MORNING FOOTY. In addition to his role as an analyst, Alexis is also the co-host and co-creator of The Cooligans podcast. His involvement in these ventures showcases his multifaceted talents and passion for both sports and entertainment.

One of the highlights of the CBS Sports Golazo Network is Morning Footy, a flagship morning show that airs weekdays from 7:00-9:00 am Eastern. Alexis Guerreros, alongside hosts Susannah Collins, Charlie Davies, Nico Cantor, and reporter Jenny Chiu, plays an integral role in helping fans kickstart their day with soccer highlights, interviews, and discussions on the biggest storylines in the sport. Morning Footy serves as a reliable source of information and entertainment for soccer enthusiasts, and its success has led to its availability as a podcast on various platforms.

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Alexis Guerreros Podcast

As part of his involvement with the CBS Sports Golazo Network, Guerreros also contributes to the Morning Footy podcast, engaging listeners with captivating content related to the world of soccer. Alongside his fellow hosts, he delves into various topics such as the lack of representation in coaching roles, transfer reports, and discussions about prominent players. The podcast allows fans to stay connected and informed, and it is accessible on popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.

The launch of the CBS Sports Golazo Network represents a significant milestone for CBS Sports, as they demonstrate their dedication to delivering comprehensive soccer coverage. With a diverse roster of on-screen talent, including Guerreros, CBS Sports aims to provide authentic, informative, engaging, and entertaining content to soccer fans across multiple platforms.

Through his role as an analyst for CBS SPORTS GOLAZO NETWORK’s MORNING FOOTY and as a co-host of The Cooligans podcast, Guerreros has made significant contributions to the world of sports entertainment. His passion for soccer and comedy continues to inspire and engage fans across various media platforms.

Alexis Guerreros Wife

Guerreros is a talented comedian and analyst and is happily married and calls Brooklyn, NY his home. In addition to his professional pursuits, he takes pride in representing his Cuban heritage. However, it’s worth mentioning that his marital journey has had its ups and downs, with his wife contemplating leaving him on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, Alexis remains steadfast in his commitment to both his comedic career and his role as an analyst, demonstrating his dedication and passion for his chosen paths.

Alexis Guerreros Salary|Net Worth

Guerreros works as an analyst for CBS SPORTS GOLAZO NETWORK’s MORNING FOOTY and as a co-host of The Hooligans podcast. As a result, it has made him establish a successful career in the sports and entertainment industry.

In terms of his salary, specific information about Alexis Guerreros’ earnings could not be found in the provided sources as well as his net worth. Given the absence of concrete data regarding Alexis Guerreros’ salary and net worth in the provided sources, it is challenging to provide specific information using transition words.

Is Alexis Guerreros Married

He is married and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Although his wife has considered leaving him multiple times in the past. Alexis remains committed to his comedic career as well as being an analyst. Moreover, Alexis proudly represents his Cuban heritage

Where Is Alexis Guerreros

Currently, Alexis is working as an analyst for CBS SPORTS GOLAZO NETWORK’s MORNING FOOTY, showcasing his expertise in the field. Additionally, his involvement in The Cooligans podcast demonstrates his dedication to delivering entertaining content to his audience. It can be inferred that he is likely receiving a competitive salary for his contributions, indicating the value he brings to his role as an analyst.

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