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Aaron West, a Chapel Hill native and UNC legacy, is currently employed at CBS as the host of La Liga Zone, where he showcases his knowledge and enthusiasm for soccer. Alongside his hosting responsibilities, he undertakes various ongoing projects, solidifying his presence in the sports broadcasting industry.

Prior to his current role, Aaron had a diverse career, including stints as a digital strategist and freelance writer. He has worked with FOX Sports Digital, COPA90, and Turner Broadcasting, covering major soccer events like the 2019 Women’s World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. With his extensive background and passion for the game, Aaron West is recognized as a talented and versatile figure in the world of sports media.

Aaron West Age

Aaron West was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. However, without specific details about his birth date or any other information regarding his age, it is not possible to determine his current age.

Aaron West Family

Aaron West, a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has deep roots in the area. While information about his family, including his parents and siblings, is not available, it is understood that Aaron’s upbringing in Chapel Hill and his connection to the University of North Carolina (UNC) have played a significant role in shaping his identity and career. As a private individual, Aaron’s personal life and family details are not widely known, emphasizing the importance of respecting his privacy and that of his loved ones.

Aaron West Education

Aaron West pursued his higher education at Davidson College from 2004 to 2008. He successfully earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and Literature during his time there. As a student, Aaron actively participated in various extracurricular activities and organizations on campus. He showcased his athletic prowess as a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer team, demonstrating his commitment and skill in the sport.

Additionally, he engaged in cultural activities and clubs, such as the Davidson Breakdance Club, further expanding his interests beyond academics. Aaron was also involved in the Black Student Coalition, contributing to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the college community. Through his active involvement in both sports and cultural organizations, Aaron West demonstrated his well-rounded nature and dedication to his college experience.

Aaron West Cbs Sports

Aaron West has extensive experience in the sports media industry, with a particular focus on soccer. Currently, he serves as an On Air Personality at CBS Sports, where he hosts programs and provides on-air commentary. Additionally, he works as a Program Host for LaLiga, the professional soccer league in Spain, hosting various programs related to the league on a freelance basis.

Prior to his current roles, Aaron was a Social Producer & Presenter at COPA90, where he produced and presented content centered around soccer and related topics. He also worked as a Social News Producer at Fox (Film, TV and Sports) – 20th Century Studios, where he provided comprehensive written coverage of European, MLS, and international soccer. In this role, he conducted interviews, developed feature stories, and appeared on-camera for digital programs such as Fox Soccer Live and The Rec League.

Aaron’s passion for soccer led him to establish his own platform called The Special Ones. As the Founder and Executive Editor, he created and managed this platform, bringing together soccer enthusiasts with diverse interests. Through The Special Ones, he covered various aspects of soccer and related lifestyle topics, including films, exotic cars, and country music.

Throughout his career, Aaron has also held positions in social media marketing and writing. He has worked as a Social Media Marketing Consultant for organizations such as US Fitness Holdings, LLC and Fury 90 App, overseeing content development and strategy. As a Contributing Writer for SWOL – Soccer Without Limits, he focused on European soccer, particularly Italy’s Serie A. Moreover, he has lent his expertise as a Guest Lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, teaching basic principles of play and rules of soccer.

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Aaron West Soccer

Aaron West is a prominent sports media personality, writer, and content creator in the soccer industry. As an On Air Personality at CBS Sports, he provides analysis, discussions, and interviews with key figures in soccer, making him a trusted source for news and updates. He has also made significant contributions to LaLiga as a Program Host, bringing fans closer to the action.

Aaron’s involvement with COPA90 showcases his commitment to soccer culture, where he produces engaging content discussing matches, fan experiences, and the broader impact of the sport. He has covered European, MLS, and international soccer as a Social News Producer at Fox, earning respect for his unique perspectives.

Aaron’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create “The Special Ones,” a platform celebrating the intersection of soccer with other interests. Through his diverse experiences, including social media marketing and writing, Aaron has become an influential voice in the soccer community, making a significant impact through his engaging expertise.

Aaron West Wife

While Aaron West’s professional information is accessible, there is limited publicly available information about his personal life, including details about his wife or relationship status. As of now, there is no substantial information regarding Aaron West’s love life. It is important to respect individuals’ privacy when it comes to personal matters that they have chosen not to disclose publicly.

Aaron West Salary|Net Worth

Aaron West currently holds the position of On Air Personality at CBS Sports. While specific details about his salary or net worth as an On Air Personality at CBS Sports are not available, it is important to note that salaries in the sports media industry can vary significantly based on various factors.

Factors such as experience, role, network, and market size can influence the salary of an established on-air personality at a prominent network like CBS Sports. Salaries in this industry can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year, reflecting the expertise and value that these individuals bring to their roles.

Net worth, on the other hand, is a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s financial assets, including income, investments, and other holdings. It encompasses a wider range of factors beyond salary alone and can be influenced by various sources of income and personal investments.

Is Aaron West Married

Aaron West’s personal life, including his marital status, is not readily available to the public. As of now, there is no substantial information to confirm whether Aaron West is married or in a relationship. It is crucial to respect an individual’s privacy and personal choices when it comes to disclosing such details.

Where Is Aaron West

Aaron West is currently located at CBS Sports, where he serves as an On Air Personality. In this role, he is actively engaged in delivering sports commentary, hosting programs, and providing on-air analysis. Aaron has been a part of CBS Sports since November 2020, and he continues to contribute his expertise and insights to the network. Additionally, Aaron also works as a Program Host for LaLiga on a freelance basis, further showcasing his versatility and involvement in the sports media industry.

How Old Is Aaron West

The birthplace of Aaron West is Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Nevertheless, without precise information about his date of birth or any other relevant details regarding his age, it is not feasible to ascertain his current age.

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