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Sierra Artemus Bio|Wiki

Sierra Artemus is a multimedia journalist and television producer from Columbia, South Carolina. Currently, she is the executive producer of “Soda City Live,” a lifestyle show at WISTV 10 that highlights local businesses and events in the Columbia, SC area.

Sierra has worked in various roles in the media industry, including as an intern and news producer at WOLO25 / ABC Columbia, a digital content producer and media consultant during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a host and producer of multiple shows and podcasts. Artemus is also involved in the community as a community activist and youth advocate, and she is passionate about using her platform and skills to uplift the people around her.

Sierra Artemus Age

Artemus is originally from Columbia, South Carolina, and based on her career and education, she is estimated to be in her late 20s to mid-30s.

Sierra Artemus Family

While Sierra Artemus is known for her work as a Producer/Talent at WIS10-TV in Columbia, South Carolina, there is little information available about her family. It’s unclear whether she has any siblings or what her parents’ backgrounds are.

It is possible that Artemus prefers to keep her family life private, and as such, there is no public record of her family members. It’s important to respect an individual’s privacy, especially when it comes to their personal life. As a public figure, Artemus is entitled to a private life outside of her professional career.

Fans and followers should focus on her work as a talented broadcaster and journalist, rather than speculating about her personal life. Ultimately, the details of Artemus’s family background are not essential to her career or the impact that she has had on the broadcasting industry.

Sierra Artemus Education

She has a strong background in journalism and storytelling, having earned her associate’s degree in 2015 from Midlands Technical College and her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

Sierra Artemus Wis

Artemus Wis is a multimedia journalist and television producer based in Columbia, South Carolina. She has worked in various roles throughout her career, gaining valuable experience and expertise in the media industry.

In March 2018, Sierra started her career as a news producer for Bahakel Communications LTD. During her four years with the company, she produced news segments and stories for local news broadcasts, gaining experience in writing, editing, and producing content for television.

Sierra also worked as a digital announcer for Bible Way Church of Atlas Road on a freelance basis from January 2019 to present. In this role, she utilized her voice talents to serve as the announcer for various events and projects for the church.

In September 2021, Sierra worked as the host of “Carolina Showcase,” a television show that highlighted local businesses and attractions in the Columbia, SC area, on a contract basis for Sinclair Broadcast Group. She interviewed guests and created content for the show, expanding her skills in storytelling and producing.

Most recently, Sierra joined Gray Television as a producer in February 2022. In this role, she is responsible for creating and producing news segments for local news broadcasts, utilizing her skills in writing, editing, and producing content for television.

Throughout her career, Sierra has also worked in various freelance positions related to her passion for skincare and beauty. She has provided facials, assisted in skincare, and consulted customers in deciding what products to purchase.

Overall, Sierra Artemus Wis has gained extensive experience in the media industry, utilizing her skills in storytelling, producing, and writing to create compelling content for television and other media platforms.

Sierra Artemus Wife

Artemus is a Producer/Talent at WIS10-TV. However, there is no publicly available information to indicate that she is married or has a wife. As a public figure, it is important to respect her privacy and personal life, particularly when such details are not disclosed.

Sierra Artemus Salary|Net Worth

Artemus works as a Producer/Talent for WIS10-TV, a Gray Television-owned broadcasting company located in Columbia, South Carolina. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information on her personal finances, including salary and net worth, as it would be inappropriate to speculate without proper consent or publicly available information. For any such inquiries, it is recommended to seek out reliable sources or contact Sierra Artemus directly.

Is Sierra Artemus Married

Artemus works as a Producer/Talent at WIS10-TV. However, despite being a public figure, there is no information available to suggest that Sierra Artemus is married or has a wife. Additionally, it is important to respect an individual’s privacy and personal life, especially when it is not publicly disclosed.

Where Is Sierra Artemus

Artemus is a Producer/Talent at WIS10-TV, a broadcasting company owned by Gray Television in Columbia, South Carolina. She has been working as a Digital Announcer on a freelance basis at BIBLE WAY CHURCH OF ATLAS ROAD since January 2019 in the same area. Additionally, she worked as a Carolina Showcase Host on a contract basis at Sinclair Broadcast Group from September 2021 to February 2022.

How Old Is Sierra Artemus

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Sierra Artemus’ personal information such as her age. However, based on her career and education history, it’s likely that she is in her late 20s to mid-30s.

Who Is Sierra Artemus

Artemus is a multi-talented media professional with experience in various aspects of the industry. She is a Producer at Soda City Live on WISTV10, where she creates content for the show. Additionally, she is the Executive Producer and Host of SiTV, where she produces and hosts her own digital content. Artemus also has experience as a News Producer and Personality, as well as hosting events.

She is an alumna of the University of South Carolina, where she likely studied media-related fields to prepare her for her career. In addition to her media experience, Artemus is also a cosmetologist and owns Huneé Waxing Studio, which can be found on her Linktree page.

Sierra Artemus has a diverse skill set and a passion for the media industry, which is evident in her many roles and accomplishments.

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