Rich DeMuro: KTLA Tech Reporter and Host of “Rich on Tech”

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Rich DeMuro: Tech Reporter for KTLA 5 Morning News

Rich DeMuro is a renowned American journalist, tech anchor, and reporter for KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles, California. Best known for his engaging tech reports and gadget reviews on the No. 1-rated KTLA 5 Morning News, DeMuro has become a household name among tech enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Affectionately known as “Rich on Tech,” his segments are syndicated across various television stations nationwide, making him a prominent figure in American media.

Early Life and Education

Born in 1984 in New Jersey, DeMuro developed a passion for journalism early on. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in broadcast journalism, setting the foundation for his successful career in media.

Career Highlights

KTLA 5 Morning News

After graduating, DeMuro joined KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles. He quickly became a regular on the top-rated KTLA 5 Morning News, where he shares weekly tech news, helpful tips, and gadget reviews. His engaging presentation style and deep knowledge of technology have made him a trusted source for tech information.

Rich on Tech Radio Show

In addition to his television work, DeMuro hosts a nationally syndicated weekly radio show called “Rich on Tech.” The show airs in the Los Angeles area on KFI AM 640 every Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM PST. On his show, DeMuro discusses significant consumer technology news, answers listener questions, and provides practical tech advice. Topics range from smartphones and computers to cybersecurity and social media.

Previous Roles and Achievements

Before joining KTLA, DeMuro was a senior editor at the technology website CNET. He also reported for Channel One News and worked at local TV stations in Yakima, Washington, and Shreveport, Louisiana. His expertise and dedication have earned him a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award for his coverage of social issues related to technology.

DeMuro’s experience includes covering major tech events for giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung. He has also appeared on numerous other media platforms, including “Entertainment Tonight,” “Home & Family,” G4TV, CNBC, NBC’s “Today” show, ABC News, Fox News Channel, and the BBC.


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Awards and Recognition

Rich DeMuro’s contributions to tech journalism have not gone unnoticed. He is the recipient of a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award, which he earned for his insightful coverage of social issues related to technology. His dedication to staying at the forefront of tech developments is evident in his attendance at major launch events for industry giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Online Presence and Writing

Beyond his television and radio presence, Rich DeMuro is an active writer and content creator. He has contributed to several tech websites and publications, including CNET, TechCrunch, and USA Today. His clear and concise writing style demystifies complex technology topics, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Personal Life

Rich DeMuro resides in Los Angeles with his wife and sons. He enjoys a variety of hobbies, including traveling, reading, running, performing magic, watching movies, listening to music, and writing. Despite his public profile, DeMuro maintains a degree of privacy regarding his family life.

Net Worth and Public Speaking

While Rich DeMuro’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, his successful career in journalism and media undoubtedly provides him with a comfortable living. In addition to his media work, DeMuro is an active public speaker, presenting on a wide range of technology-related topics at conferences and events across the United States. He is known for his ability to explain complex technical concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.

Connect with Rich DeMuro

Social Media

You can follow Rich DeMuro on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated with his latest tech insights and personal updates.


Rich DeMuro’s extensive career in tech journalism has made him a trusted source of information and a beloved media personality. Through his work on KTLA 5 Morning News, his “Rich on Tech” radio show, and various other platforms, he continues to educate and entertain audiences with the latest in technology. His ability to break down complex tech concepts into easily digestible segments ensures that everyone, from tech novices to seasoned enthusiasts, can stay informed and engaged.

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