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Margie Ellisor is a journalist and television personality who co-anchors FOX 2 News in the Morning from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. She is known for her “Margie’s Money Saver” segments, which provide money-saving tips and advice to viewers. Margie joined FOX 2 News in June 1999 as a general assignment reporter and has since become a familiar face on the morning show.

Prior to joining FOX 2, Margie had a career in radio. She co-hosted with Smash on KSD-FM and also worked as a news anchor on Z-107-7. She was a newscaster and cast member on the nationally syndicated Steve and DC Radio Show.

Before moving to St. Louis, Margie worked as a morning anchor and reporter for KMOV-TV. She also had experience as a weekday anchor/reporter for KRCG-TV in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Throughout her career, Margie has received several honors and awards. She has won Outstanding News Series Awards from the Missouri Broadcaster’s Association and received first place for spot news coverage from the Kansas City Press Club. Margie has also been recognized with five Emmy Awards for her contributions to community service, news, and the best morning newscast.

Outside of her work in journalism, Margie is actively involved in charitable endeavors, with a particular focus on helping children born with disabilities. She has served on the Board of Directors and the Communications Committee for the March of Dimes. Additionally, she is involved with the Children’s Miracle Network and St. Louis Learning Disabilities.

Although originally from Minnesota, Margie considers St. Louis her home and has developed a deep affection for the city. She feels fortunate to work in the broadcasting field and strives to make a positive impact on people’s lives through her work.

Margie Ellisor Age

Born in 1968 in Minnesota, United States, Margie Ellisor is a 55-year-old American citizen of white ethnicity.

Margie Ellisor Family

Margie Ellisor hails from Minnesota, United States, where she was born and raised by her parents. Unfortunately, specific details about her parents and siblings are not publicly available, as Margie prefers to keep her family life private.

While her professional achievements and contributions to the media industry are well-known, she maintains a level of privacy when it comes to her personal relationships. Margie’s focus primarily remains on her career and her dedication to delivering news and information to the public.

Margie Ellisor Education

Margie Ellisor graduated from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, where she earned a double major. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Television, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication.

Margie Ellisor Fox 2

Margie Ellisor is an experienced and accomplished Morning News Anchor and Reporter at KTVI FOX 2, with an impressive track record in the broadcast media industry. With over 24 years of experience in the field, Margie has established herself as a skilled professional.

She is a five-time Emmy Award winner, a testament to her excellence in broadcasting. Margie possesses a strong foundation in various aspects of the media industry, including public speaking, social media, and radio broadcasting. Her proficiency in these areas contributes to her success in engaging and connecting with audiences.

Margie holds a Bachelor’s degree focused in Broadcast Journalism, Speech Communications, and Theatre from St. Cloud State University. This educational background has provided her with a solid foundation in media and communication.

In addition to her work at KTVI FOX 2, Margie has gained valuable experience in other media organizations. She served as a Morning Show Host at Emmis Communications from May 2001 to August 2003, and as a Morning Show Co-Host at iHeartMedia from January 1999 to August 2001. She also worked as a Morning Show Co-Host at KMOV-TV from January 1995 to December 1998. Prior to that, Margie worked as a News Anchor at KRCG in Jefferson City, Missouri, from June 1992 to December 1994.

Margie’s skills encompass various areas of media production, including video production, broadcast journalism, breaking news coverage, ENPS (Electronic News Production System), communication, creative writing, reporting, radio broadcasting, and public speaking.

Outside of her broadcasting career, Margie is a licensed Realtor and an entrepreneur, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

With her extensive experience, accolades, and diverse skill set, Margie Ellisor has established herself as a highly respected and accomplished professional in the field of broadcast journalism.

Among her professional associates are:

Mandy Murphey-anchor

John Pertzborn-news anchor

Tim Ezell-feature reporter and anchor

Blair Ledet-anchor

Mitch McCoy-investigative journalist

Margie Ellisor Weight Loss

On February 13th, 2023, a thought-provoking segment aired on Fox, featuring an insightful discussion between Marshall Ray and Margie Ellisor, the esteemed anchor for Fox 2 News. The topic at hand was the importance of discerning between healthy and unhealthy approaches to weight loss. Delving deep into this subject, we shed light on the significance of making well-informed choices when embarking on a weight loss journey. Throughout the conversation, we underscored the paramount importance of prioritizing one’s overall well-being throughout the entire process.

Margie Ellisor Husband

Margie Ellisor is currently engaged to Rafer Weigel, a well-known general assignment reporter and weekday morning news anchor at WFLD-Channel 32 in Chicago. While Margie is not married at the moment, her relationship with Rafer is a significant aspect of her personal life.

As they navigate their careers in the media industry, Margie and Rafer have found a special connection and are committed to supporting each other’s professional endeavors. Their engagement represents a shared commitment to their relationship and the future they envision together.

Margie Ellisor Salary|Net Worth

Margie Ellisor is an esteemed Morning News Anchor and Reporter at KTVI FOX 2, boasting an impressive track record of five Emmy awards for her outstanding work in the field. Her dedication and talent have established her as a respected figure in the broadcast industry.

While Margie’s professional accomplishments speak volumes about her expertise and success, specific details regarding her salary or net worth are not publicly available. These figures can vary significantly based on numerous factors, including an individual’s experience, the size of the media market they operate in, the terms of their contract, and other variables. It is also important to respect an individual’s privacy when it comes to their personal financial information.

As a responsible and respectful approach, we refrain from providing specific details about Margie Ellisor’s salary or net worth. However, her impressive career achievements and recognition through multiple Emmy awards are a testament to her skill, dedication, and contributions to the field of journalism.

Who Is Margie Ellisor Husband

Margie Ellisor is married to Rafer Weigel. Rafer Weigel is a general assignment reporter and weekday morning news anchor at WFLD-Channel 32 in Chicago. He has a notable career in the media industry and has been actively involved in reporting and anchoring news segments.

Margie and Rafer have found love and companionship in each other, building a strong and supportive partnership as they navigate their personal and professional lives together.

Margie Ellisor, a Fox 2 News anchor, is a remarkable individual known for her outstanding achievements and admirable qualities. She is not only a dedicated professional but also a loving mother of three. With five Emmy awards to her name, Margie’s talent and hard work have been recognized and celebrated within the industry.

Despite her successes, Margie remains grounded and grateful for the opportunities she has been given. Her ambitious nature drives her to constantly strive for excellence, taking risks and embracing challenges along the way. She approaches life with a positive outlook, finding joy in laughter and spreading kindness wherever she goes.

Margie’s journey has not been without its challenges, but she is a fighter who tackles obstacles with resilience and determination. Her loyalty shines through in her commitment to her career and the people she holds dear.

Through it all, Margie cherishes and embraces the beauty of life. She exemplifies a spirit filled with love, laughter, and a genuine appreciation for the world around her.

Where Is Margie Ellisor

Margie Ellisor is currently based in Greater St. Louis, where she works as a Morning News Anchor for KTVI FOX 2. She has been with the station since June 1999 and continues to be a dedicated and full-time member of the FOX 2 news team.

Over the course of her impressive 24-year tenure at KTVI FOX 2, Margie has become a familiar face to viewers in the Greater St. Louis area, delivering news and information to the community on a daily basis.

How Old Is Margie Ellisor

Margie Ellisor, a 55-year-old individual, was born in 1968 in Minnesota, United States. As an American citizen, she identifies with white ethnicity.

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