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Laura Dern (Laura Elizabeth Dern) is an American actress and producer. She is the daughter of actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd.

Dern began acting at a young age, and had her first credited film appearance in the 1980 teen comedy Foxes. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, she appeared in a number of films, including Mask (1985), Blue Velvet (1986), and Wild at Heart (1990). She also had recurring roles on the television series Picket Fences (1992-1996) and Ellen (1994).

Dern’s career reached a new high in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with roles in films such as Jurassic Park (1993), October Sky (1999), and I Am Sam (2001). She also won critical acclaim for her work in the television miniseries Wild Palms (1993) and Recount (2008).

In recent years, Dern has continued to work in both film and television. She has starred in films such as Marriage Story (2019), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Little Women (2019). She has also had recurring roles on the television series Big Little Lies (2017-2019) and Enlightened (2011-2013).

Dern is a supporter of a number of charities, including the Environmental Media Association, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (2020)
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture (2020)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie (2017 & 2018)
  • BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (2020)
  • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role (2020)
  • Two Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Female (1992 & 2014)
  • A Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy (2023)

Laura Dern Age

Laura Dern was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. She is 56 years old. Dern is an American citizen of White American ethnicity. Her birth sign is Aquarius

Laura Dern Family

Laura Elizabeth Dern was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Bruce Dern, is an actor, and her mother, Diane Ladd, is an actress and director. Dern has two sisters, Martha and Diane.

Dern’s parents divorced when she was two years old, and she was raised by her mother. She attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, and then went on to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City.

Laura Dern Parents

aura Dern is the daughter of two renowned actors:

  • Diane Ladd (born November 29, 1935): An American actress with a long and successful career. She has been nominated for three Academy Awards and has won two Golden Globe Awards.

  • Bruce Dern (born June 11, 1936): An American actor known for his intense and often disturbing performances. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards and has won two Golden Globe Awards.

Laura’s parents divorced when she was a young child, and she was primarily raised by her mother. Despite the divorce, both parents have remained close to Laura and have been supportive of her career.


Laura Dern does not have any biological siblings. However, she has a half-brother, Andrew Dern, from her father’s second marriage.

Laura Dern Mother

Diane Ladd is Laura Dern’s mother and a celebrated actress in her own right. Born on November 29, 1935, Ladd has built a long and successful career spanning over six decades.

Career Highlights:

  • Nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (1975), Best Actress for “Alice” (1980), and Best Supporting Actress for “Rambling Rose” (1992).
  • Won two Golden Globe Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (1975) and Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television for “Wildflower” (1995).
  • Acted in over 150 films and television shows, including “Chinatown” (1974), “Wild at Heart” (1990), “Primary Colors” (1998), and “Grace and Frankie” (2015-present).
  • Known for her strong and nuanced performances, often portraying complex and challenging characters.
  • Collaborated with her daughter, Laura Dern, on several projects: Most notably, Ladd played Helen Jellicoe, the mother of Dern’s character Renata Klein, in the HBO miniseries “Big Little Lies” (2017-2019).
  • A respected figure in Hollywood, Ladd is known for her generosity and support of other actors.

Mother-Daughter Relationship:

Diane Ladd and Laura Dern have shared a close and supportive relationship throughout their lives. Both have spoken openly about the challenges and rewards of being a mother and daughter in the entertainment industry. They have frequently collaborated on projects, both on and off-screen, and continue to inspire each other.

Additional Information:

  • Diane Ladd was married to Bruce Dern from 1960 to 1969 and later married Robert Hunter in 1999.
  • She has two children: Laura Dern and Andrew Dern.
  • Ladd continues to act in film and television and remains a vibrant and active force in the entertainment industry.

Laura Dern Dad

Bruce MacLeish Dern, born June 4, 1936, is Laura Dern’s father and a highly acclaimed actor with a career spanning over six decades. He is known for his intense and often unsettling performances, portraying a range of compelling characters.

Career Highlights:

  • Nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for “Coming Home” (1978) and Best Actor for “Nebraska” (2013).
  • Won three Golden Globe Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture for “Coming Home” (1978), Best Actor – Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television for “Big Love” (2009), and Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement (2023).
  • Acted in over 150 films and television shows, including “The Cowboys” (1972), “Silent Running” (1972), “The Great Gatsby” (1974), “The Driver” (1978), “Monster” (2003), “The Hateful Eight” (2015), and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019).
  • Played Frank Harlow in the HBO series “Big Love” (2006-2011).
  • Recognized for his captivating screen presence and ability to inhabit complex characters.
  • A member of the Actors Studio and a respected figure in Hollywood.

Relationship with Laura Dern:

While Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd divorced when Laura was young, they have maintained a positive relationship and have both been supportive of their daughter’s career. Laura has spoken about her admiration for her father’s talent and has mentioned his influence on her own acting choices.

Additional Information:

  • Bruce Dern has been married three times: to Marie Dawn Pierce (1957-1959), Diane Ladd (1960-1969), and Andrea Beckett (1969-present).
  • He has two children: Laura Dern and Andrew Dern.
  • Dern continues to act and remains a captivating presence on screen.

Laura Dern Education

Laura Dern’s formal education is a bit unorthodox, reflecting her early entrance into the world of acting. While she attended several institutions, she ultimately opted for practical experience over traditional academic pursuits.

Early Education:

  • Attended the Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a French immersion school, for her primary education.

College Attempts:

  • Briefly enrolled at the University of Southern California in 1985 but left after one semester to focus on her acting career.
  • Attended the University of California, Los Angeles for two days in 1986 before withdrawing to film “Blue Velvet.”

Acting Training:

  • Studied method acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City.
  • Continued to hone her craft through practical experience, working with renowned directors and actors throughout her career.

Informal Education:

  • Dern has actively pursued knowledge throughout her life, reading extensively on various subjects and engaging in intellectual conversations with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • She has also expressed a strong interest in environmentalism, human rights, and social justice issues, learning through research and activism.

Laura Dern Movies And Tv Shows

Laura Dern’s career spans over four decades, filled with numerous critically acclaimed performances in both film and television. Here’s a glimpse into her diverse filmography:


  • 1985: Mask – Dern’s breakout role as Diana, a girl who falls in love with a disfigured boy.
  • 1986: Blue Velvet – A cult classic directed by David Lynch, featuring Dern’s chilling portrayal of Sandy Williams.
  • 1990: Wild at Heart – Dern reunites with Lynch in this neo-noir film, playing Lula Fortune, a young woman on the run with her lover.
  • 1993: Jurassic Park – Dern stars as Dr. Ellie Sattler, a paleobotanist who joins an expedition to a dinosaur theme park.
  • 1999: October Sky – Dern plays a dedicated teacher who inspires a group of students to pursue science and engineering.
  • 2001: I Am Sam – Dern delivers a moving performance as a lawyer who helps a man with intellectual disabilities fight for custody of his daughter.
  • 2006: Inland Empire – Dern collaborates with Lynch again in this experimental and surreal film.
  • 2014: Wild – Dern portrays Cheryl Strayed’s mother in this biographical film about a woman’s solo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • 2017: The Tale – Dern stars as a woman who confronts childhood sexual abuse in this HBO miniseries.
  • 2019: Marriage Story – Dern shines as a tenacious divorce lawyer in this critically acclaimed film.
  • 2019: Little Women – Dern plays Marmee March, the matriarch of the March family, in this adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel.
  • 2022: Jurassic World Dominion – Dern reprises her role as Dr. Ellie Sattler alongside original co-stars Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in this sequel.
  • 2023: Lonely Planet – Dern portrays Linda, a woman grieving the loss of her husband, in this upcoming film.

TV Shows:

  • 1991: Twin Peaks – Dern guest stars as Donna Hayward in David Lynch’s iconic cult series.
  • 2017-2019: Big Little Lies – Dern plays Renata Klein, a wealthy and complex mother, in this HBO miniseries.
  • 2023: The White Lotus – Dern stars as Abby Di Grasso, a woman on vacation with her husband and friends, in the second season of this HBO anthology series.

Other Notable Works:

  • Ellen (1994): Dern’s guest appearance in this sitcom marked a significant moment in television history, as she played the woman to whom Ellen Morgan comes out as gay.
  • Kickin’ It (2017): Dern voiced the character of Krystal Flores, the mother of a young martial artist, in this animated series.

Series With Laura Dern

Laura Dern has had a prolific career in television, starring in both critically acclaimed and commercially successful series. Here are some of the most notable series she has been in:

Enlightened (2011-2013)

  • Dern plays Amy Jellicoe, a self-destructive corporate executive who experiences a mental breakdown and seeks treatment. After returning, she attempts to rebuild her life while advocating for ethical practices within the company.
  • This HBO series garnered critical acclaim for Dern’s performance, earning her two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy nomination.

Big Little Lies (2017-2019)

  • Dern portrays Renata Klein, a wealthy and fiercely competitive mother embroiled in the lives of other mothers at their children’s Monterey school.
  • The HBO drama was a huge success, winning numerous awards, including eight Primetime Emmy Awards. Dern received her eighth Emmy nomination for her performance in the second season.

Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

  • Dern reprises her role as Diane Evans from the original Twin Peaks series.
  • The revival miniseries on Showtime was a critical and commercial success, praised for its surreal and complex story.

The Tale (2018)

  • Dern gives a powerful performance as Jennifer Fox, a woman who grapples with memories of childhood sexual abuse.
  • This HBO miniseries was praised for its sensitive portrayal of a difficult subject and earned Dern another Emmy nomination.

Other notable series:

  • Recount (2008) – Dern plays Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State who played a key role in the 2000 presidential election recount. This role earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination.
  • Ellen (1994) – Dern had a memorable guest appearance as Susan, the woman to whom Ellen Morgan comes out as a lesbian. This episode was a landmark moment in television history.
  • Morning (2021) – Dern stars as Cathy, the morning show host whose career is threatened when a sexual misconduct allegation against her co-anchor surfaces. This Apple TV+ series is currently in production.

Laura Dern Big Little Lies

Laura Dern delivered a captivating performance as Renata Klein in the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Big Little Lies (2017-2019). Her portrayal of the wealthy and fiercely competitive mother was both complex and nuanced, earning her widespread recognition and numerous accolades, including an Emmy nomination.

Renata quickly became a fan-favorite character, known for her sharp wit, unwavering confidence, and fierce loyalty to her family. Dern’s portrayal perfectly captured Renata’s outward strength and inner vulnerability, making her a character that viewers could both admire and relate to.

Throughout the series, Dern navigates Renata’s complex relationships with the other mothers, particularly Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman) and Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley). Their dynamic is often fraught with tension and competition, but it also reveals moments of unexpected empathy and support.

One of the most memorable aspects of Dern’s performance is her portrayal of Renata’s unraveling. As her life begins to fall apart, Dern delivers a raw and emotional performance that is both heartbreaking and captivating.

Laura Dern White Lotus

Laura Dern’s involvement in The White Lotus is a bit unique compared to her other television roles. While she doesn’t physically appear on screen in the show’s second season, her presence is undeniable through her voice acting as Abby, the estranged wife of Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli).

Dern’s voice-only performance adds a layer of intrigue and mystery to Dominic’s character. Her angry phone calls reveal a troubled marriage and hint at the complexities of their relationship. It’s a testament to Dern’s talent that she can deliver such a powerful performance without ever appearing on screen.

Dern’s casting in The White Lotus is no accident. She has a long-standing friendship with the show’s creator, Mike White, having co-created the HBO series Enlightened together. This connection likely played a role in her involvement in the show and helped to create a memorable and impactful voice-only performance.

While Dern’s role in The White Lotus is brief, it leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Her powerful voice acting and the mystery surrounding her character only add to the show’s appeal. It’s a testament to Dern’s versatility as an actress that she can command attention and deliver a memorable performance in such an unconventional role.

Laura Dern Star Wars

Laura Dern’s contribution to the Star Wars universe is undeniable, though limited to one film: Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017). In this film, she portrays Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, a complex and controversial character who plays a pivotal role in the Resistance’s fight against the First Order.

Holdo is a strong, decisive leader, but her methods are often questioned. Her controversial decision to hold back information from the Resistance about her plan to escape the First Order leads to mutiny and distrust. However, she ultimately sacrifices herself to save the remaining members of the Resistance, showcasing her bravery and dedication to the cause.

Dern’s performance is praised for its strength and nuance. She captures Holdo’s intelligence, determination, and vulnerability, making her a compelling and memorable character. While Holdo’s death is a tragedy, it serves as a powerful turning point in the film, galvanizing the remaining Resistance fighters and solidifying her legacy as a hero

Laura Dern Blue Velvet

Laura Dern launched her career with a powerful performance as Sandy Williams in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986). This neo-noir psychological thriller film explores the dark underbelly of an idyllic American town, and Dern’s portrayal of a college student caught in a web of violence and deception remains a standout performance.

Dern’s character, Sandy, is a complex and multifaceted individual. Initially appearing as a sweet and innocent college student, she soon reveals a hidden depth and resilience as she grapples with the dark secrets she uncovers. Dern masterfully navigates Sandy’s emotional journey, capturing her vulnerability, courage, and determination in the face of danger.

Dern’s performance is particularly notable for its contrast with the film’s other female lead, Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini). While Dorothy embodies a seductive and dangerous femininity, Sandy represents a more innocent and hopeful perspective. This contrast further highlights the film’s exploration of duality and the complexities of human nature.

Laura Dern Wild At Heart

Laura Dern delivers a captivating and unforgettable performance as Lula Fortune in David Lynch’s cult classic film, Wild at Heart (1990). This neo-noir crime drama follows the story of Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) and Lula, a young couple on the run from a variety of colorful and dangerous characters.

Dern’s portrayal of Lula is a tour-de-force. She embodies the character’s rebellious spirit, fiery independence, and unwavering love for Sailor with a captivating blend of innocence, sensuality, and strength. Dern’s performance perfectly captures Lula’s unique blend of resilience and vulnerability as she navigates a dangerous world alongside her beloved Sailor.

Dern’s chemistry with Nicolas Cage is undeniable. Their on-screen relationship is both passionate and volatile, mirroring the tumultuous nature of their journey. Dern’s performance is a perfect counterpoint to Cage’s energetic and often unpredictable portrayal of Sailor, making them a captivating and unforgettable on-screen couple.

Wild at Heart is a visually stunning and surreal film, and Dern’s performance seamlessly blends with the film’s unique aesthetic. Dern embodies the film’s themes of love, rebellion, and the search for freedom, making her performance a crucial element of the film’s success.

Laura Dern Jurassic Park

Laura Dern’s role as Dr. Ellie Sattler in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 masterpiece, Jurassic Park, catapulted her to international fame and cemented her status as a Hollywood A-lister. Dern’s portrayal of the intelligent and passionate paleobotanist brought both scientific expertise and emotional depth to the film, captivating audiences with her charm, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to protecting the dinosaurs.

Dern’s performance is notable for its naturalism and authenticity. She seamlessly embodies the role of a dedicated scientist, demonstrating a deep understanding of paleontology and a genuine fascination with dinosaurs. Dern’s Ellie is not merely a damsel in distress; she is a strong, independent woman who actively participates in the action and contributes her knowledge to overcome the park’s challenges.

One of the most memorable aspects of Dern’s performance is her chemistry with her co-stars, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. The three actors create a believable and engaging dynamic as they navigate the dangers of Jurassic Park, offering humor and camaraderie alongside suspense and thrilling action sequences.

Enlightenment Laura Dern

Laura Dern’s performance as Amy Jellicoe in the HBO series Enlightened (2011-2013) stands as a career-defining highlight. Dern beautifully portrays a complex and flawed character on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Amy is initially depicted as a corporate executive struggling with an addiction to self-destruction. She experiences a shocking public breakdown at work, leading her to seek treatment and embark on a path of personal transformation. Dern’s portrayal of Amy’s emotional turmoil and vulnerability is raw and deeply affecting.

As Amy progresses on her journey, she becomes increasingly aware of the ethical and environmental shortcomings of the corporation she works for. This newfound consciousness leads to conflict with her colleagues and ultimately forces her to confront her own values and priorities. Dern masterfully conveys Amy’s internal struggle as she grapples with her past mistakes and strives to create a more meaningful life.

Dern’s portrayal of Amy is both humorous and heartbreaking, relatable and inspiring. She imbues the character with a unique blend of wit, sarcasm, and genuine introspection. Dern’s performance is a masterclass in acting, earning her two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy nomination.

Laura Dern Inland Empire

Laura Dern delivered an exceptional and challenging performance as Nikki Grace and Sue Blue in David Lynch’s 2006 film Inland Empire. This experimental and surreal film follows Nikki Grace, an actress who begins to lose touch with reality as she becomes increasingly involved in her latest role.

Dern expertly portrays Nikki’s descent into madness, seamlessly transitioning between the character and her various split personalities. The film’s fragmented narrative and dreamlike sequences create a disorienting experience for the audience, mirroring Nikki’s own confusion and fear.

Dern’s performance is particularly remarkable because she plays two distinct characters in the film: Nikki Grace, a Hollywood actress, and Sue Blue, a Polish woman who lives in a seemingly separate reality. Dern masterfully differentiates between these two characters, conveying each one’s unique personality and mannerisms.

Inland Empire is a visually stunning film, and Dern’s performance is perfectly integrated into the film’s aesthetic. Her expressive face and body language communicate volumes, even when the dialogue is minimal or cryptic.

Dern’s portrayal of Nikki and Sue in Inland Empire is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actress. She delivers a fearless and captivating performance that is both disturbing and mesmerizing.

Laura Dern Twin Peaks

Laura Dern has appeared in both the original Twin Peaks (1990-1991) and the revival series Twin Peaks: The Return (2017).

In the original series, Dern played Donna Hayward, best friend and confidante to Laura Palmer. Donna is depicted as a smart, curious, and kind-hearted young woman who grapples with the grief and uncertainty surrounding Laura’s murder. Dern’s portrayal is both nuanced and heartfelt, capturing Donna’s emotional journey from grief to fear to resilience.

In Twin Peaks: The Return, Dern plays Diane Evans, Agent Dale Cooper’s secretary and confidante. This role is significantly different from Donna, showcasing Dern’s range as an actress. Diane is a complex and enigmatic character, shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Dern’s performance is both captivating and unsettling, leaving the audience questioning Diane’s true motives and loyalties.

Laura Dern Book

Although Laura Dern is known primarily for her acting career, she has also ventured into the realm of literature with the release of a single book, Honey, Baby, Mine: A Mother and Daughter Talk Life, Death, Love (and Banana Pudding) (2023).

This book, co-written with her mother, the acclaimed actress Diane Ladd, is a heartwarming and insightful memoir that explores their close mother-daughter bond. It delves into their personal lives and careers, sharing stories of love, loss, triumph, and vulnerability.

Here are some key points about “Honey, Baby, Mine”:

  • Genre: Memoir, Family
  • Published: April 11, 2023
  • Co-authored: Laura Dern and Diane Ladd
  • Publisher: Hachette Book Group
  • Content: The book explores the mother-daughter relationship between Dern and Ladd, covering topics like childhood memories, career experiences, navigating Hollywood, dealing with family losses, and finding joy in everyday life.
  • Critical Reception: The book received positive reviews, with praise for its humor, honesty, and heartwarming portrayal of the mother-daughter bond.
  • Awards: The book was a New York Times bestseller and was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award in the Memoir & Autobiography category.

Laura Dern Billy Bob Thornton

Laura Dern and Billy Bob Thornton have collaborated professionally on several occasions, most notably in the following projects:


  • Daddy and Them (2001): Dern and Thornton both star in this comedy-drama film written and directed by Thornton. They play Claude and Ruby Montgomery, a passionate but antagonistic married couple. The film received mixed reviews but garnered praise for Dern’s performance.
  • Monster’s Ball (2001): Thornton directed and stars in this drama film, with Dern playing a supporting role as a prison warden’s wife. The film received critical acclaim and earned Dern a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
  • Homegrown (1998): Dern and Thornton have both stated they were involved in this film, but their roles and the extent of their involvement are unclear and disputed. The film was never released.


  • Recount (2008): Dern and Thornton both star in this HBO miniseries about the 2000 presidential election recount. Dern plays Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State, while Thornton portrays Roger Stone, a Republican political consultant. Both received critical acclaim for their performances.
  • Goliath (2016-2019): Dern appears in a recurring role in this Amazon Prime Video legal drama series, while Thornton stars as the lead character, Billy McBride.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Both Dern and Thornton have achieved critical acclaim and numerous awards for their acting work, including Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards.
  • Their professional collaborations have been recognized for their strong performances and on-screen chemistry.

Laura Dern Bruce Dern

Laura Dern and Bruce Dern have a unique relationship as both daughter and father, but also as fellow actors and collaborators.

Their personal relationship:

  • Laura Dern was born to actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd in 1967.
  • While her parents divorced when she was two years old, they remained close and provided a supportive and encouraging environment for their children’s artistic pursuits.
  • Laura Dern has spoken publicly about her close relationship with her father, particularly in recent years as they have collaborated on projects together.

Their professional relationship:

  • Laura Dern and Bruce Dern have appeared together in three films:

    • Wild River (1960): Laura Dern had an uncredited role as an extra when she was just three months old.
    • Mask (1985): Bruce Dern played Rocky Dennis, a young man with a severe facial deformity. Laura Dern played Diana Adams, a photographer who befriends him.
    • Nebraska (2013): Bruce Dern played Woody Grant, an aging and cantankerous man who embarks on a road trip with his estranged son, played by Will Forte. Laura Dern had a brief uncredited cameo as a bartender.
  • Their collaboration on Nebraska proved particularly noteworthy. Bruce Dern received critical acclaim for his performance and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. Laura Dern’s brief appearance added another layer of depth to the film, highlighting the complex dynamics of their family relationship.

  • Beyond their on-screen collaborations, Laura Dern and Bruce Dern have also shared the stage. In 2012, they starred together in a production of the play “The Elephant Man” at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Laura Dern Baron Davis

Laura Dern and Baron Davis were a couple from December 2017 to 2021. They were an unexpected pairing, with Dern being a renowned actress and Davis being a former NBA star. Despite their different backgrounds, the couple seemed happy and often appeared in public together, holding hands and kissing.

Here are some key points about their relationship:

  • Relationship Dates: December 2017 – 2021
  • How They Met: The exact details of how they met are unknown, but they were first seen together in December 2017 and confirmed their relationship shortly after.
  • Public Appearances: They often attended events together, including basketball games, movie premieres, and charity functions.
  • Age Difference: Dern is 13 years older than Davis.
  • Media Attention: Their relationship received significant media attention due to their contrasting careers and high-profile status.
  • Privacy: Despite the public eye, Dern and Davis kept their relationship relatively private and rarely spoke about it in interviews.
  • Reason for Breakup: The reason for their breakup has not been publicly disclosed.

While their relationship eventually ended, Laura Dern and Baron Davis created a stir in the entertainment world. Their unexpected pairing captured the public’s imagination and proved that love can blossom in unlikely places. Their story continues to be a topic of discussion and speculation, even after their separation.

Here are some additional details about their individual careers:

Laura Dern:

  • American actress
  • Won two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a Primetime Emmy Award
  • Notable films: Jurassic Park, Blue Velvet, Wild, Marriage Story
  • Notable TV series: Big Little Lies, Enlightened, Twin Peaks

Baron Davis:

  • American former professional basketball player
  • Played for the Charlotte Hornets, New Orleans Hornets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, and Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Two-time NBA All-Star
  • Won an Olympic gold medal with the US national team in 2000

Laura Dern David Lynch

Laura Dern’s career has been deeply intertwined with the work of director David Lynch. Their collaboration began with the iconic Blue Velvet (1986), where Dern played Sandy Williams, a young woman caught up in a dark underworld. Throughout their creative partnership, Dern has consistently delivered powerful and memorable performances under Lynch’s unique vision.

Dern and Lynch reunited in Wild at Heart (1990), where she played Lula Fortune, a passionate and rebellious young woman. Their collaboration continued with Inland Empire (2006), a complex and dreamlike film that solidified Dern’s status as a versatile and fearless actress.

Dern also appeared in the revival of Twin Peaks (2017), playing the enigmatic Diane Evans. Their collaboration has earned Dern numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination.

Laura Dern Taylor Swift

Laura Dern and Taylor Swift have formed a unique and unexpected friendship, transcending the boundaries of their different careers. Their connection began in 2023 when Dern starred alongside Swift and the Haim sisters in the music video for “Bejeweled,” a single from Swift’s tenth album, Midnights. This collaboration sparked a close bond between the two, leading to further interactions and public displays of their newfound friendship.

Beyond their musical collaboration, Dern has expressed immense admiration for Swift’s talent and work ethic. She attended Swift’s Eras Tour, describing it as a transformative experience that “made her kids finally think she’s cool.” Dern even went above and beyond, secretly paying the bill for a dinner with Swift and their friends, showcasing a genuine and supportive aspect of their friendship.

Laura Dern And Ben Harper

Laura Dern’s life intersected with musician Ben Harper in 2000, sparking a romance that led to marriage in 2005. Their union, however, proved turbulent. Despite welcoming two children together, Ellery and Jaya, their relationship faced challenges and culminated in a 2010 divorce filing by Harper.

Though they briefly attempted reconciliation in 2012, their paths ultimately diverged, leaving behind a legacy of shared joy and hardship. Today, they maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children, showcasing the complexities of love, marriage, and parenthood.

Laura Dern And Diane Ladd

Laura Dern and Diane Ladd share a profound bond that goes beyond their mother-daughter relationship. They have established themselves as esteemed actresses in Hollywood, often collaborating on projects that showcase their undeniable talent and the unique dynamic they share. One notable example is their book, “Honey, Baby, Mine,” which offers a heartfelt and intimate glimpse into their lives, their careers, and the unwavering support they offer each other.

Their collaboration extends beyond the screen, with Dern supporting her mother through health challenges and Ladd celebrating Dern’s achievements with unwavering pride. They are a testament to the strength and unwavering love that can exist between a mother and daughter, proving to be both successful individuals and a formidable duo in the entertainment industry.

Laura Dern And Nicolas Cage

Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage have collaborated on several notable films, each showcasing their undeniable chemistry and talent. Their first project together was David Lynch’s Wild at Heart (1990), where they played a passionate and rebellious young couple on a wild road trip. Their on-screen romance was both captivating and volatile, setting the stage for future collaborations. They reunited in Blue Velvet (1986), albeit in smaller roles, further solidifying their connection as creative partners.

Dern’s performance in Inland Empire (2006), directed by Lynch, was also under the watchful eye of Cage, who served as the film’s cinematographer. While their collaborations have seen them portray vastly different characters, Dern and Cage consistently deliver powerful performances, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and solidifying their place as a memorable acting duo.

Laura Dern And Common

While Laura Dern and Common have not directly collaborated on any professional projects, they do share a connection through their respective careers in Hollywood.

Dern’s father, Bruce Dern, worked with Common in the 2005 film “Lackawanna Blues,” creating a potential indirect link between the two actors. Additionally, both Dern and Common have established themselves as respected and versatile actors, often tackling challenging and thought-provoking roles.

Although their paths have not directly crossed on screen, their shared passion for their craft and dedication to their work may bring them together in a future collaboration, potentially leading to a captivating and memorable on-screen partnership

Laura Dern Academy Award

Laura Dern’s relationship with the Academy Award is one of recognition and accomplishment. She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress three times, ultimately winning the award in 2020 for her performance as Nora Fanshaw in the film Marriage Story.

Here is a summary of Laura Dern’s Academy Award nominations and win:

  • 1992: Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Rambling Rose
  • 2015: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Wild
  • 2020: Won Best Supporting Actress for Marriage Story

In addition to her Oscar win, Dern has also been recognized for her acting talents with numerous other accolades, including:

  • Golden Globe Awards: 5 wins and 8 nominations
  • Primetime Emmy Awards: 1 win and 8 nominations
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards: 2 wins and 5 nominations
  • BAFTA Awards: 1 win and 1 nomination

Dern’s Academy Award win was a significant moment in her career, solidifying her status as a respected and celebrated actress. It was a testament to her dedication to her craft and her ability to deliver powerful and captivating performances. Her journey to the Oscar stage is an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses around the world.

Here are some additional facts about Laura Dern and the Academy Award:

  • Dern is one of a select group of actors who have won an Oscar for a performance in a Netflix film.
  • She is the daughter of actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, who have both also been nominated for Academy Awards.
  • Dern is a vocal advocate for women in Hollywood and has spoken out about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

Laura Dern Oscar

Laura Dern has received three Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress, culminating in a well-deserved win in 2020 for her captivating performance in Marriage Story.

Here’s a closer look at Dern’s Oscar journey:

  • 1992: Nominated for Best Actress for her heartfelt portrayal of a mentally challenged young woman in Rambling Rose.
  • 2015: Recognized for her impactful performance as a grieving mother in Wild, earning her a second nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
  • 2020: Finally claimed the coveted Oscar for her nuanced and electric portrayal of a ruthless divorce lawyer in Marriage Story, solidifying her place as a true powerhouse of acting talent.

Beyond the Oscar, Dern’s acting prowess has been lauded with numerous other accolades:

  • 5 Golden Globe wins and 8 nominations
  • 1 Primetime Emmy Award and 8 nominations
  • 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards and 5 nominations
  • 1 BAFTA Award and 1 nomination

Some additional facts about Dern and the Oscars:

  • She comes from a family steeped in Hollywood, with both her parents, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, having been nominated for Oscars themselves.
  • Dern is a strong advocate for women in Hollywood and actively champions diversity and inclusion within the industry.
  • Her Oscar win serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and the enduring influence of exceptional acting talent.

Laura Dern Young

Dern began acting at a young age, appearing in her mother’s films Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) and White Lightning (1973). She had her first credited film appearance in the 1980 teen comedy Foxes.

Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Dern appeared in a number of films, including Mask (1985), Blue Velvet (1986), and Wild at Heart (1990). She also had recurring roles on the television series Picket Fences (1992-1996) and Ellen (1994).

Dern’s career reached a new high in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with roles in films such as Jurassic Park (1993), October Sky (1999), and I Am Sam (2001). She also won critical acclaim for her work in the television miniseries Wild Palms (1993) and Recount (2008).

In recent years, Dern has continued to work in both film and television. She has starred in films such as Marriage Story (2019), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Little Women (2019). She has also had recurring roles on the television series Big Little Lies (2017-2019) and Enlightened (2011-2013).

Laura Dern Height

While the exact height of Laura Dern is not publicly available, several sources estimate her height to be around 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) and her weight to be around 130-140 pounds (59-64 kilograms).

Laura Dern Boyfriend

Laura Dern does not have a publicly confirmed boyfriend. She has been very private about her personal life since her divorce from Ben Harper in 2013 and has not made any official statements about any current romantic relationships.

However, throughout her career, Dern has been romantically linked to several individuals, including:

  • Nicolas Cage: They co-starred in the 1990 film “Wild at Heart” and their on-screen chemistry sparked rumors, but they have always maintained they were just friends.
  • Billy Bob Thornton: They were married from 1995 to 2003 and their relationship was often in the tabloids due to its passionate and unconventional nature.
  • Baron Davis: They briefly dated in 2017, but their romance was short-lived.
  • Common: They co-starred in the 2018 film “Fences” and their on-screen chemistry led to speculation about a potential romance, but they have denied these rumors.

While we can’t know for sure if Laura Dern is currently dating someone, it’s clear that she values her privacy and chooses to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. Instead, she focuses on her thriving career and her role as a mother to her two children.

Laura Dern Husband

Laura Dern is not married.

She was previously married twice:

  • Ben Harper (2005-2013): Ben Harper is an American singer-songwriter and musician. They have two children together, Ellery and Jaya.
  • Billy Bob Thornton (engaged, 1999): Billy Bob Thornton is an American actor and filmmaker. They were engaged but never married.

Since her divorce from Ben Harper in 2013, Laura Dern has not publicly announced any new romantic relationships. She keeps her personal life relatively private and focuses on her career and family.

Laura Dern Daughter

Laura Dern has two daughters:

  • Jaya Harper: Born in 2004, Jaya is Dern’s eldest daughter and shares a birthday with her father, Ben Harper. Jaya graduated from high school in 2023 and is reportedly pursuing a career in the arts.
  • Ellery Harper: Born in 2007, Ellery is Dern’s youngest daughter. He is currently studying at a university and is interested in filmmaking.

Both of Dern’s daughters have grown up in the public eye, but Dern has always been dedicated to protecting their privacy. Despite this, they have occasionally appeared with their mother at public events, including film premieres and award shows.

Laura Dern Net Worth

Estimates for Laura Dern’s net worth vary slightly depending on the source, but most range from $20 million to $25 million as of October 26, 2023.

Here are some sources and their estimated net worths for Laura Dern:

  • Celebrity Net Worth: $20 million
  • Yahoo: $20 million
  • Cosmopolitan: $20 million
  • SarkariResult: $25 million

Main source:

  • Acting career: Dern has been a successful actress for over four decades, with a diverse filmography including critically acclaimed movies and popular TV shows. Her notable projects include Jurassic Park, Wild, Marriage Story (which earned her an Oscar), and Big Little Lies.
  • Endorsements: She has also participated in several brand endorsements, further adding to her income.

Other sources:

  • Book publishing: In 2023, she co-authored a memoir with her mother, Diane Ladd, titled “Honey, Baby, Mine: A Mother and Daughter Talk Life, Death, Love (and Banana Pudding),” which became a New York Times bestseller.
  • Real estate: Dern owns several properties in Los Angeles, including a luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills.

Is Laura Dern Married

No, Laura Dern is not currently married. Dern was previously married to musician Ben Harper, and they have two children. They were married in 2005, but separated in 2010 and reconciled in 2012. However, they filed for divorce in 2013.

Where Does Laura Dern Live

While Laura Dern’s work location varies depending on her current project, she primarily resides in Los Angeles, California, where she owns multiple properties, including a luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills. Her work as an actress has taken her to various filming locations around the world, but Los Angeles remains her home base.

Who Is Laura Dern Dating

Laura Dern is not publicly known to be dating anyone. There have been no confirmed reports of her being in a romantic relationship with anyone currently.

Dern’s private life is generally kept out of the public eye, so any information about her dating life would likely come from reliable sources like official statements or confirmed sightings.

While there have been rumors of her dating different people in the past, including Baron Davis in 2017, they were never officially confirmed.

Therefore, until any official information or reliable confirmation emerges, it’s best to respect Dern’s privacy and refrain from speculating about her dating life.

Are Laura Dern And Bruce Dern Related

Yes, Laura Dern and Bruce Dern are related. Bruce Dern is Laura Dern’s father. They are both successful actors who have worked in Hollywood for many years. Bruce Dern is known for his roles in films such as “Coming Home,” “Nebraska,” and “The Hateful Eight.” Laura Dern is known for her roles in films such as “Jurassic Park,” “Wild,” and “Marriage Story.”

Interestingly, Laura Dern’s mother is also an actress, Diane Ladd. Both Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd have been nominated for Academy Awards for their acting.

How Old Is Laura Dern

Laura Dern is currently 56 years old. She was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California.

Dern keeps her birthday celebrations relatively private, but she has occasionally shared glimpses of them on social media. In past years, she has celebrated with close friends and family, often enjoying intimate gatherings, delicious meals, and heartfelt tributes from loved ones.

Laura Dern Instagram


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