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Andy Banker is a news reporter and anchor for FOX 2 News in St. Louis, Missouri. He joined the FOX 2 News team in July 2002.

Before joining FOX 2 News, Andy worked as a reporter and anchor in Champaign, Illinois, and Dayton, Ohio. In 1994, he returned to his hometown and worked as a reporter and weekend anchor at KDNL, ABC 30 News, for 8 years. Andy is also known as the stadium announcer for the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome.

Throughout his career, Andy Banker has received multiple awards for his reporting, including Emmy, Edward R. Murrow, and Associated Press awards. He has been named “Best Reporter” by the Illinois Associated Press four times.

Outside of his professional work, Andy is actively involved in charitable endeavors. He volunteers with organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and has served as the honorary Chairman of the Walk to Cure Diabetes. Andy is a sports enthusiast and supports teams such as the St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. He is also a fan of musicians Jay Farrar, John Hiatt, and Bruce Springsteen.

Andy Banker Age

Born on May 22 in Millstadt, Illinois, United States, Andy Banker is currently 55 years old.

Andy Banker Family

Andy Banker hails from the town of Millstadt, located in Illinois, United States. While his origins are traced back to this small Illinois community, specific details about his parents and siblings are unfortunately unavailable. As a public figure, Banker has chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding his family life, keeping these personal aspects undisclosed.

Instead, he primarily focuses on his professional endeavors, delivering news to the viewers and dedicating his time to journalistic pursuits. With his dedication to his career, Banker has become a respected figure in the field of news reporting, but information about his immediate family remains private.

Andy Banker Education

Andy Banker is a well-known news reporter and anchor for FOX 2 News in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville, Illinois. He continued his education at the prestigious University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, known for its diverse academic programs and commitment to research and innovation. Andy’s educational background highlights his dedication to learning and acquiring knowledge.

Andy Banker Fox 2

Andy Banker is an accomplished news anchor and reporter who is prominently recognized for his work at KTVI FOX 2, a distinguished television station situated in St. Louis, Missouri. With an unwavering commitment to his profession, Banker has amassed an impressive tenure of over 20 years and 11 months in his esteemed role, establishing himself as a seasoned veteran in the field.

Upon returning to St. Louis, Banker joined KDNL, ABC 30 News, where he dedicated eight years of his professional life as a reporter and Weekend Anchor. Additionally, Banker’s captivating voice can be heard as he assumes the role of stadium announcer for the Rams at the Edward Jones Dome, further showcasing his versatile talents and his affinity for sports.

Banker’s exceptional work has garnered numerous accolades throughout his illustrious career. His commitment to delivering exceptional news coverage has earned him multiple prestigious awards, including Emmy Awards, Edward R. Murrow Awards, and Associated Press awards. In recognition of his outstanding reporting skills, Banker has been honored with the title of “Best Reporter” by the Illinois Associated Press on four separate occasions, solidifying his reputation as a respected journalist in the industry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Banker actively engages in philanthropic work, dedicating his time to various charitable organizations. He volunteers with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, among other noteworthy causes, displaying his genuine compassion for making a positive impact on the community. In the past, he has even served as the honorary Chairman of the Walk to Cure Diabetes, further exemplifying his commitment to raising awareness and funds for important causes.

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Andy Banker Wife

Andy Banker, a dedicated news anchor and reporter, values his privacy when it comes to his personal marital status. Whether he is married, single, or divorced, Banker has intentionally chosen not to publicly disclose this information.

Instead, he directs his attention towards his professional pursuits, prioritizing his role as a trusted source of news and ensuring the community receives accurate and reliable information. As a result, details about his wife or any specific relationship status remain undisclosed, allowing Banker to maintain a clear separation between his personal and professional life.

Andy Banker Salary|Net Worth

Information about Andy Banker’s salary and net worth is not readily available in the provided context. We don’t have access to the personal financial details of individuals unless they have been publicly disclosed. The salary of a news anchor and reporter can vary depending on various factors such as experience, market size, and the specific organization they work for.

Similarly, an individual’s net worth is determined by a range of factors, including their earnings, investments, and assets. It is best to refer to reliable sources or conduct a search to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding Andy Banker’s salary and net worth.

Is Andy Banker Married

Andy Banker, a proud father of one daughter, has chosen to keep his personal marital status private. He has not publicly disclosed whether he is married, single, or divorced. Banker prefers to maintain the focus on his professional endeavors rather than his personal life. As such, information about his wife or any relationship status remains undisclosed.

Where Is Andy Banker

Andy Banker is a journalist and news reporter known for his work at FOX 2 News. He joined the FOX 2 News team in July 2002 and has been reporting weeknights for the network. Additionally, he co-anchors FOX 2 News on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

How Old Is Andy Banker

Andy Banker, a prominent news anchor, and reporter, was born on May 22 in Millstadt, a town nestled in Illinois, United States. As of now, Banker is 55 years old, having accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout his professional journey.

His age serves as a testament to the years of dedication and commitment he has devoted to his career, providing accurate and insightful news coverage to the viewers. With his seasoned expertise and unwavering passion, Banker continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional reporting skills, embodying the qualities of a seasoned professional in the field of journalism.

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