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Adam Schein Bio|Wiki

Adam Schein is an American radio and TV sportscaster who has worked for Sirius XM and CBS Sports Network. Schein has worked at WFAN, SiriusXM NFL Radio, WHEN (AM) Radio in Syracuse, and

He has won the John Bayliss Award for Excellence in Radio Journalism twice. Schein has been a radio host on Sirius XM since 2004 and hosts Schein on Sports weekdays on Mad Dog Sports Radio from 9 am – 12 pm EST. He is also a columnist for and has been with the website since 2012.

Schein hosts Time to Schein weeknights at 6 pm EST on CBS Sports Network and That Other Pregame Show on CBS Sports Network. He is also the host of NFL Monday QB on the CBS Sports Network with Phil Simms, Rich Gannon, Trent Green, and Steve Beuerlein, which launched in 2012.

In August 2015, Schein was named the host of Inside the NFL on Showtime, working alongside Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason, and Brandon Marshall. Schein and his wife Katie have three children.

Adam Schein Age

Adam was born in 1978, in New York, New York, United States. He is 45 years old. He belongs to the white ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Adam Schein Education

Schein graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications in 1999, with a degree in broadcast journalism.


  • John Bayliss Award for Excellence in Radio Journalism: He won this prestigious award twice, in 1998 and 1999, while at Syracuse. This award recognizes outstanding student work in radio journalism.
  • WAER Hall of Fame Induction: In 2021, Schein was inducted into the WAER Hall of Fame, which recognizes outstanding contributions to Syracuse University’s student radio station, WAER.

Adam Schein SiriusXM

Adam Schein is a radio host on Sirius XM since 2004. He hosts Schein on Sports, airing weekdays on Mad Dog Sports Radio from 9 am to 12 pm EST. Schein’s engaging commentary makes him a staple in sports radio, facilitating in-depth discussions, interviews, and analysis.

Current Roles:

  • Host of “Schein on Sports” on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio: This popular show airs weekdays from 9 am to noon Eastern Time and features Schein’s passionate and opinionated commentary on various sports, particularly football and basketball. He engages in lively debates with guests and callers, making it a must-listen for sports fans.
  • Co-host of “The Rise and Schein Podcast” with John Middlekauff: This podcast delves deeper into sports and other topics, offering a more relaxed and conversational format compared to “Schein on Sports.”
  • Host of “NFL Monday QB” on CBS Sports Network: This show analyzes the latest happenings in the NFL, providing insights and predictions for the upcoming week.

Joining SiriusXM:

Schein first joined SiriusXM in 2004, initially hosting on SiriusXM NFL Radio. He then transitioned to Mad Dog Sports Radio in 2013 and launched “Schein on Sports” the same year. His long tenure and consistent popularity have cemented him as a key figure in the SiriusXM lineup.

Prior Work:

Before joining SiriusXM, Schein built his career in various sports media outlets:

  • WFAN (2001-2006): He hosted “The Mike and the Mad Dog Show” with Mike Francesa, gaining national recognition for his energetic and opinionated style.
  • WHEN (AM) Radio in Syracuse (1999-2002): His early experience in Syracuse local radio honed his skills and prepared him for bigger markets.
  • (2005-2012): He wrote columns and contributed to online content, further expanding his reach and expertise.

Reports Covered:

Schein covers a wide range of sports, with a particular focus on:

  • NFL: He dissects games, analyzes teams and players, and offers predictions for the upcoming season and playoffs.
  • NBA: He debates player rankings, analyzes trades and free agency moves, and provides commentary on major storylines.
  • College Football and Basketball: He follows the top teams and conferences, offering insights and predictions for the postseason tournaments.


  • Long-standing success on SiriusXM: “Schein on Sports” has been a top-rated show for years, solidifying his position as a leading voice on the network.
  • Multiple awards and recognition: Schein has won the John Bayliss Award for Excellence in Radio Journalism twice and was inducted into the WAER Hall of Fame, showcasing his talent and dedication.
  • Building a devoted fanbase: His passionate and entertaining style has attracted a loyal following of listeners who appreciate his unique perspective on sports.

Adam Schein Nfl

Adam Schein is a prominent figure in the world of NFL broadcasting and analysis. He first rose to prominence as the host of “That Other Pregame Show” in September 2013. Additionally, since 2012, he has been a co-host on “NFL Monday QB” alongside a panel of esteemed analysts, including Simms, Gannon, Green, and Beuerlein.

In August 2015, Schein expanded his broadcasting portfolio by becoming the host of Showtime’s “Inside the NFL.” On this popular show, he works alongside respected football personalities such as Simms, Esiason, and Marshall, providing in-depth coverage and engaging discussions about the NFL.

Schein’s expertise and insights extend beyond his hosting duties. Since 2012, he has been a regular columnist for, where he shares his analysis and opinions on various aspects of the game. His columns offer readers a deeper understanding of NFL events, players, and strategies, further establishing his reputation as a trusted voice in the industry.

Adam Schein and the NFL go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly! Schein’s passion for the gridiron is undeniable, and he’s carved out a prominent space for himself in the world of NFL commentary. Here’s a breakdown of his NFL involvement:

Schein on Sports:

This SiriusXM show is Schein’s home base, and the NFL is often center stage. He dives deep into the latest news, analyzes games and player performances, and throws in some fiery takes for good measure.

Expect passionate debates with co-hosts and callers, along with Schein’s trademark blend of humor and knowledge. Whether you agree with his every opinion or not, it’s always entertaining.

NFL Analyst:

Schein’s expertise extends beyond his radio show. He’s a regular contributor to, offering columns and insights on various topics.

He also co-hosts “NFL Monday QB” on CBS Sports Network, where he joins a panel of former players and coaches to dissect the biggest storylines of the week.

This show provides a different perspective from “Schein on Sports,” with more focus on in-depth analysis and strategy. But don’t worry, Schein still brings his signature passion and wit to the table.

Super Bowl Hype:

When the Super Bowl rolls around, Schein goes into overdrive. He dedicates special shows to the big game, offering predictions, interviews with key players, and even hosting watch parties.

His enthusiasm is contagious, and his Super Bowl coverage is a must-watch for any die-hard fan.

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Adam Schein Radio Show

Adam Schein, an esteemed sports personality, made his entry into CBS Sports in 2012. With his extensive hosting experience, Schein plays a prominent role across multiple sports shows. Notably, he hosts highly acclaimed programs such as NFL MONDAY QB, THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW, and TIME TO SCHEIN.

Apart from his television endeavors, he spearheads a weekday sports talk radio show named “Schein on Sports” on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio. This platform allows Schein to engage with fans and delve deeper into the world of sports through insightful discussions and interviews.

Furthermore, he serves as a co-host on the daily show called Loud Mouths, which airs on SportsNet New York. Schein’s versatility in media demonstrates his passion for sports and commitment to delivering compelling content to diverse audiences.

Adam Schein’s radio show, Schein on Sports, is a cornerstone of sports talk radio, especially for passionate NFL and basketball fans. Here’s a closer look at his show and why it’s worth tuning in:

The Show:

  • Catchy Name: “Schein on Sports” reflects Adam’s personality perfectly. It’s bold, opinionated, and promises in-depth analysis with a touch of humor.
  • Time and Place: Tune in weekdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio (Channel 82).

The Host:

  • Passionate Personality: Adam Schein is known for his fiery takes and unwavering enthusiasm for sports, particularly football and basketball. He doesn’t hold back, making for lively debates and engaging discussions.
  • Witty and Humorous: While passionate, Schein knows how to balance intensity with humor. He throws in jokes, pop culture references, and witty banter, keeping the show light and entertaining.

Beyond SiriusXM:

  • “The Rise and Schein Podcast”: If you can’t get enough of Schein, check out his podcast with John Middlekauff. They delve into sports and other topics, offering a more relaxed and conversational format.
  • Television Appearances: Schein is no stranger to TV, frequently appearing on CBS Sports Network shows like “NFL Monday QB” and “Time to Schein.”

Adam Schein Contract

Adam Schein, a respected sports personality, recently signed a significant broadcasting deal. He secured a new four-year contract with SiriusXM, the renowned satellite radio company. The agreement ensures Schein’s continued hosting of “Schein on Sports” on SiriusXM, entertaining and engaging audiences.

Schein’s contract renewal recognizes his exceptional skills and captivating hosting approach.
It solidifies his standing as a distinguished personality in sports broadcasting. Enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate an enduring period of relishing his profound analysis and captivating conversations in the years ahead.

Adam Schein Wife

Adam Schein, the well-known NFL broadcaster and analyst, is happily married to his wife Katie. Together, they share the joy of parenthood as proud parents of three children. Moreover, their family life is an important aspect of Schein’s journey, alongside his successful career in the sports industry. The bond between Adam Schein and his wife Katie is a cherished part of their lives as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising a family together.

Adam Schein Salary|Net Worth

Adam Schein’s exact salary and net worth are not publicly disclosed, as is the case with many media personalities. However, based on available information and industry estimates, we can make some educated guesses:


  • SiriusXM: Top radio hosts on SiriusXM can reportedly command salaries in the millions. Based on reports and industry averages for similar sports media personalities, Adam Schein’s salary is likely in the range of $1 million to $5 million per year. This could vary depending on his contracts with SiriusXM, CBS Sports Network, and other platforms he works with.
  • CBS Sports Network: While details about his CBS Sports Network earnings are also unavailable, his regular appearances on shows like “NFL Monday QB” and “Time to Schein” indicate a significant salary.
  • Other Income: Additional income streams like the “The Rise and Schein Podcast” and potential endorsements would further contribute to his overall income.

Net Worth:

  • Combining estimated salaries from various platforms, his podcast, and potential endorsements, Adam Schein’s net worth is likely in the multi-million dollar range. Various online sources estimate Adam Schein’s net worth to be around $5 million to $10 million. While these are just estimations, they give a general idea of his financial standing.

Is Adam Schein Married

Adam Schein is married to Katie Schein, and they have three children together. While Katie prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she’s been mentioned on his show, “Schein on Sports,” a few times

Where Is Adam Schein

SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio:

  • Schein on Sports: His flagship radio show airs weekdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio (Channel 82). This is his home base, where he dives deep into the NFL, NBA, and other sports with his signature blend of passion, opinion, and humor.


  • CBS Sports Network: Schein is a regular fixture on CBS Sports Network, appearing on several shows.
  • NFL Monday QB: He joins a panel of former players and coaches to dissect the biggest storylines of the NFL week on Monday nights.
  • Time to Schein: He hosts this show weeknights at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, offering his unique perspective on current sports events and engaging in lively debates.
  • Other Appearances: He frequently makes guest appearances on other CBS Sports Network shows like “The Jim Rome Show” and “Get Up!”

Additional Platforms:

  • Podcasts: Schein co-hosts “The Rise and Schein Podcast” with John Middlekauff, where they delve into sports and other topics in a more relaxed and conversational format.
  • He contributes columns and insights to, offering his opinions on various NFL matters.
  • Live Events: Schein occasionally participates in live events like panel discussions and Q&A sessions, providing fans with a chance to interact with him in person.

How Old Is Adam Schein

Adam is 45 years old and was born in in Rockland County, New York, in the United States. He celebrates his birthdays each year surrounded by the love and companionship of his cherished family and devoted friends.

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